Dirty news uncovers your brand new Porsche

Sean BowerDid you know that reading the headlines in the news could potentially make you a lot of money?

You could earn a significant income on even the most redundant headlines. One day you’ll see, “Trump hates China,” and the next day it’ll be, “Trump loves China.”

They can’t seem to make their minds up. Or maybe they’re covering up million dollar deals that you aren’t supposed to know about.

Yes, I’m saying there’s money to be made behind all these nonsensical headlines. In fact, there’s enough money to be made from them that you could be out shopping for your new Porsche tomorrow, and I’ll show you how to get it.

I’m not pushing any conspiracy theory on you, but the fact of the matter is: the news is delayed, and the world’s elites have already moved onto the next best thing.

Now, just because it’s delayed doesn’t mean that there’s nothing you can do about it.

News coverage provides you with puzzle pieces that they don’t expect you to put together. It’s all about giving you a small taste of what’s already happened, while those that are in the know make money behind the scenes.

But we can make money from riding the coattails of these elitists by looking at the clues they leave behind.

The latest clues that have been dropped have all revolved around Boeing (BA), and how America’s relationship with China will affect the company.

It’s hardly farfetched to say that the plane manufacturing giant has all the characteristics of a monopoly. Some say there’s a “duopoly” between Boeing and Airbus, but the American manufacturer sits at the top of that very short list.

Even though Boeing has been hit with a lot of criticism in the media lately, its stock continues to ascend, with the exception of some light turbulence here and there.

The first major media bump came when Trump openly bashed Boeing’s spending on the new Air Force One presidential plane, stating that the cost was unnecessary.

This seemed to have little to no effect on Boeing’s stock despite the media’s hype of worry among investors.

The second major headline that set out to influence Boeing’s descent came earlier this week in the form of “Boeing: 150,000 American Aviation jobs depend on China.” The article goes on to intimidate the company’s investors, hinting at speculated decline in Boeing stock.

Personally, I believe that all this negativity surrounding Boeing is making their highest investors a lot of money. The standard investor will turn to selling the stock as all this speculation is spread around.

All we really need to be able understand what’s going on with Boeing is the stock chart.

As you can see from the chart below, Boeing stock has risen over 10% since the election.


It’s currently forming some strong patterns and seems to be on its way up long-term.

If you need some sort of proof that Boeing is a strong company, just think about the fact that they manufacturer the president’s private plane. Despite how much criticism the company gets from the president, he’s got nowhere else to turn.

And you can’t tell me even with Trump’s comments on the spending of Air Force One that he’s not going to accept a free plane.

Oftentimes when news is generated about a company, positively or negatively, the stock will start to turn the other way. It’s because the news you’re seeing has already been in and out of the dirty hands of the elites. They’re already trading the next big thing.

So once you’ve made your next big profit from this technique and you’re down at the Porsche dealership shopping for your new car, take a look around and see if you can spot any of these richer than rich elites. You could be rubbing shoulders with them.

Don’t fall victim to second-hand news. Closely follow the stock activity of the companies making the headlines. You’ll start to see the patterns.

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  1. Beau Smith

    As a futures trading guru once wrote, don’t pay attention to the news, pay attention to how the market reacts to the news. If the commodity (or stock) goes up in spite of negative news coverage, that’s a strong buy signal. The market is smarter than we are. Pay attention to it.


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