Simple tasks garnish you an $84k salary

I’m not asking you to quit your day job… but this $84,000 salary might be.

Unless you’re earning more than that, I don’t see why you wouldn’t kick-start this simple business that pays you for the easiest of tasks.

It’s time to prepare for a life filled with more money and more free time than you could ever imagine…

With our rapidly expanding technology, it’s no surprise that the internet is constantly providing us with more and more ways to make money.

It’s just a shame that we can’t take advantage of all of them… but an extra $84,000 a year is a great start.

Your new salary comes from doing simple tasks for other people.

Using websites like Task Rabbit, this simple business is all set up for you. You set your own schedule and pay, with opportunities to make $7,000 a month.

These simple tasks can range anywhere from grocery shopping to folding t-shirts (and if you have some basic handyman skills, you’ll expose yourself to even greater opportunity).

The nice thing about this is that you’re contracted for each task you do. That means once the job is done, you’re free to move on to the next one.

There’s no limit to how many tasks you do a day, which means you set your own schedule.

If you complete a task and feel that you should’ve been paid more for it, you can up your pay-rate for the next one.

$150 per hour is not unusual for some of the tasks completed through Task Rabbit.

This new business of yours also provides a great networking opportunity.

You can work with individuals or businesses.

One Tasker got paid $70 per hour to fold t-shirts…

“I got paid $70 an hour to fold t-shirts for a start-up company. They were supposed to come folded, and the company was desperate to get them folded before an event. It taught me that if someone is desperate enough, they’ll pay what they need to pay to get people to help.”

The opportunities are endless.

Another Tasker was paid $1,200 to direct stroller parking outside of a school.

See how easy this money is?

People will pay for almost anything if it means they don’t have to do it themselves, and that’s what provides this fantastic opportunity for you to snatch your new $84,000 salary.

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