The Traders

Jim Samson, Publisher


Jim is a successful trader with two decades of experience, and a bestselling author. Jim is on public record for calling the financial bubble in 2006, and recommending gold to his subscribers as early as 2005.

Adam Woods, Chief Investment Researcher


Adam is a $100 million hedge fund manager, quoted in The Wall Street Journal and on CNBC. While everyone lost their shirt in 2008, Adam’s fund was UP 55%, and he continues to make his clients millionaires with his proprietary trading secrets.

Sean Bower, Pro Trader

Sean Bower

Sean Bower has been a reporter for nearly all of his professional life, dating all the way back to his work as a business journalist in his home city. Now, Sean couples his journalism experience with his financial expertise in order to cover every part of the stock market, from the dirty insiders to the big banks and everything in between.

Peter Fallon, Energy Stock Specialist


Peter Fallon is the energy stocks specialist for The Midas Legacy. Peter retired in his early 50’s after a successful career in the fields of energy and technology. His success as an investor and business owner spans over 40 years, and he has now combined his experience with his knowledge and passion for energy, technology, and investing.

Tom Anderson, Tech Stock Specialist


Tom Anderson is the tech stocks specialist for The Midas Legacy. After studying journalism in college and working as a reporter, Tom realized that the biggest story of all was going down on Wall Street. With family links to technology hotbeds like NASA and the US Air Force, he has now made it his life’s mission to deliver tech-stock tips to his readers- the kind of inside information Wall Street would rather they didn’t have.

Rick Pendergraft, Pro Trader

Rick Pendergraft

Rick Pendergraft has spent the better part of his life studying, trading and writing about the investment markets. Now running his own investment management firm, Rick has developed a loyal following of readers who are grateful for his timely warnings and profitable advice. He is widely recognized as a market expert and has been frequently quoted by Reuters, Businessweek, Forbes, USA Today, The New York Times and The Washington Post. He has also been interviewed on CNBC, Bloomberg and Fox Business News. He famously called the 2009 bull market in 2008 on CNBC.