Your big $128k ticket to retirement

Jim_SamsonIf I wanted to right now I could retire and earn a hands-free $128,000 a year. The only way I was able to set up this effortless income was by breaking out of the mindset that retirement comes in a single form.

The idea of retirement is scary for those who are shoveling 5-10% of their wages into their 401(k), because the truth of the matter is that it’s not enough. There’s factors of retirement that you probably haven’t even thought of—or you choose not to think of.

What’s actually in your retirement account right now? That figure, and the prospective future figure, won’t mean anything as the American economy shifts and twists until all your money is gone.

The tools for an easy $128,000 a year retirement income are sitting in my hand, and I’m asking you to take them…

By now you’ve surely realized that the world of finances and economics isn’t always there to help you succeed.

In fact, it’s naturally there to throw punches at you left and right.

Consider me your coach. I’m going to teach you how to avoid these punches, while taking a few swings yourself to see what sort of return you can get.

When it comes to retirement, you’ll be so exhausted from sparring with the financial world that you’ll eventually have to hold your gloves up and brace for impact.

These final punches are heavier and harder than the ones you were dodging earlier in your career, so you should prepare yourself with some extra padding.

This padding comes in the form of knowledge and financial preparation, both of which I’ll be providing for you.

The American economy is volatile and erratic, and your money is along for the ride. Economists are finding it very hard to predict which way the markets will swing in the next 10-15 weeks, never mind the next 10-15 years.

Let’s say you have $500,000 at the time you retire. You should be happy with this number, right? Wrong.

So, what should you look out for?

The Big Hitters

Market Corrections

The market is attempting to correct itself every day. It’s what drives the movements in returns of your portfolio.

Now, assuming your 401(k) manager knows what he or she doing, a 5% correction can be handled fairly easily. A little bit of fund management and you shouldn’t notice a thing.

It’s when the 10-15% market corrections come around. If a market correction this big comes around right before you’re looking to retire (it’s not uncommon), you’re looking at a big hit to your portfolio and some serious reconsideration of your retirement.

It wasn’t until I came to this realization that I started to outline my automated $128,000 a year blueprint which you can find in Retirement Underground.


Again, we live in a very unstable economical system. Whether you trust the people running it or not, you can only rely on them so much.

If a big enough inflation occurs, your $500,000 won’t be worth quite as much as you thought it was.

But it won’t matter if you enter retirement with $500,000 or $1,000,000, because your retirement fund is consistently being replenished with this ticket I’m giving you.


What happens if you or your spouse fall chronically ill? It happens (knock on wood). This is something that’s too common for you to financially ignore.

Your $500,000 will be gone in no time if something this unfortunate falls your way.

Now that you’ve been slapped with the reality of what the future could hold, you’re probably asking how all this can be dealt with.

Cue: Rocky theme tune.

Sparring with the Heavyweights

If you take the traditional route to retirement, the biggest decision you could make to beneficially impact your future is by applying a bigger percentage of your income to your retirement plan.

Even just a 3-5% boost could have a major impact on the amount that you’ll retire with.

Begin to invest things like dividend checks and bonuses into your retirement fund. It’s easy to take that Christmas bonus and buy a new golf club, but that same bonus could buy you a whole set of clubs at retirement.

Two key factors of growing your retirement fund are: cutting out unnecessary purchases and investing that money into something that will grow.

But, again, if you’d prefer a bigger cushion to sit on when you retire, my door is always open.

Rolling with The Punches

When the time for retirement rolls around, don’t just sit there and let your opponent knock you down and drain all of your funds, take the hits with as much padding as possible.

You don’t have to consider your retirement payout to be the end of the line for your investing career. Let us provide you with the necessary tools to make your retirement fund grow whichever way the economy shifts.

There’s a straight line down the middle of retirement that divides it into two parts. There’s the ‘imminent loss’ side, and the ‘infinite profit’ side.

I know which side you would like to be on, but which side are you on now? Better yet, what are you going to do to make that switch and assure that you’ll stay on the side which provides profit? It’s all up to you.

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