Your new purpose in life: getting rich from this

What is the purpose of your life?

I’ll tell you right now that it’s not as complicated a question as it sounds. The purpose of your life is very simple: to ensure that you and your family can live out your days as happily and care-free as possible.

But how can you achieve that? By obtaining wealth.

I know—you’ve been trying to obtain wealth your whole life, but with these 10 wealth commandments it’s never been easier…

When I first started working with Jim Samson, there was one thing he always used to say to me that struck a motivational nerve: “The purpose of your life is to find the purpose of your life.”

Since then, things have been fantastic for me, but I want to translate that for you and show you exactly what it takes for you to slide into a life of wealth and happiness.

Once I’d come to the conclusion that the purpose of my life—and yours—is to live a comfortable life of wealth and happiness, I created a list of 10 rules that I abide by every single day.

These 10 rules fuel my financially free life, and you should view them as your 10 wealth commandments if you want to live a life of luxury…

Rule #1 – Expect something great to happen on a daily basis.

When you work hard, rewards shouldn’t surprise you. As long as you’re following these rules, you should expect great things to fall upon you.

Rule #2 – Treat others how you feel you should be treated.

This one may sound cliché, but it’s such a popular phrase for a reason. You should expect to give a lot if you want to receive a lot.

Rule #3 – Don’t waste your time trying to change the things you can’t.

Too many people get caught up in trying to alter things that are concrete. There’s plenty of new and exciting things to create; don’t waste your time on the things you can’t change.

Rule #4 – Focus on your job at hand, not the results you strive for.

By focusing on a small portion of your task at hand you’ll achieve the results you want, but if you keep your eyes on the finish line there’s a good chance you’re going to trip yourself up.

Rule #5 – Automatically assume that others have good intentions.

I would like to assume that nobody is out to get you. People mean to do well… they just express it in different ways.

Rule #6 – Block out negativity and negative people.

This one’s a no-brainer. If somebody keeps telling you that you’ll never achieve the life you want, shut them out of your life completely. They’ll never reach your heights.

Rule #7 – Reward yourself with something small each day.

It’s very important to acknowledge your hard work when you’ve reached a milestone. I’m not telling you to pop the champagne every day (you can do that when you’ve reached your life of wealth), but setting small rewards like a nice meal will keep you focused.

Rule #8 – Unnecessary distractions will keep you from wealth.

Turn the TV off and put the phone down. There’s time for work and there’s time for play; don’t get the two tangled together, because you’ll never fully appreciate either one.

Rule #9 – Be grateful for everything.

Nobody deserves the world, that’s why you just have to take it. But remember that you have to be grateful for it.

Rule #10 – The best is yet to come.

Each accomplishment you achieve should be used as a stepping stone to reach the next one. You’re not done exceeding until you have no boss, no job, and no unnecessary responsibilities.

Taking these 10 rules as your wealth commandments will lead you to your purpose in life of living happily and comfortably.

Wealth is attracted to those who consistently succeed… I know you’re one of them.

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