LEVEL 1 Final Part

We Are Bank Raiders

I call you and I ‘Bank Raiders’ because more often than not, the money we’ll be taking comes from the banks and big businesses.

You’ve already been sickened by how much corporate fat-cats (especially bankers) pay themselves. What you may not know is that, in order to disguise just how much they’re really paying themselves, a good portion of their compensation is paid out in stock-options in their company (a ‘stock-option’ is an option to buy their shares at a highly discounted rate, which they can then sell for profit).

It’s disgusting how much these elitists are paying themselves, isn’t it?

How about we help ourselves to some of that money too? Well, we can…

You see, the bank codes I’ve spoken about are the very same codes for stock-options that bosses of fat-cat corporations use to pay themselves with.

Relax. Getting your hands on these nice little payouts isn’t conditional on the price of a stock or whatever going up or down. In this game, you ALWAYS get the cash prize!

But this does involve opening the kind of account that other people use to play that game of gambling that a stock (or whatever) will go in their favor.

Important: this account we’re going to open is merely a tool to be able to receive the money!

It’s like we’re ‘posing’ as stock traders. I always feel like a bit of an impostor, actually, whenever I claim this money!

Okay, I’m about to get a little deeper into this now, but don’t worry- we’ll go over it again a number of times in different ways…

You can open this account in under 30 minutes, after completing a couple of simple forms online. Once you’ve done that, you’re able to help yourself to payouts simply by entering the trading code for any traded company you like. For example, the code for Apple is ‘AAPL’.

And when you receive a cash payout for this stock, this agreement you made by clicking on that button, is also given a ‘proxy code’. The bank passwords I sent you with your invitation are example ‘proxy codes’ for claiming this cash. The bank puts a letter in front of the company code to denote the month that your deal runs until. For example, in the case of Apple, the passcode might be QAAPL. You don’t need to know these codes by heart or anything, I’m just explaining how they originate.

Flash update: It’s now become even simpler to do as I went to press with this lesson. You now don’t even have to enter the ‘proxy code’, only the code for the company of your choice!

As we’re accessing the same pool of cash that pays fat-cats their stock options, this type of account is aptly named an ‘options account’, and you can open this account at (or you can use any option trading account you wish, we use OptionsXpress through the course as an example).

If you’ve heard of options before, please relax, because I’ll bet that what you’ve heard is garbage, and in this case, we aren’t doing things the usual way. How so?

Well, most people who buy options lose money. This is a fact that puts off many people, and perhaps rightly so. So why am I saying to open an options account then?

(don’t read the next paragraph if you’re not worried about an explanation- you don’t need to know what follows to make this money, and I’m holding your hand at every turn)…

[Let me repeat what I just said: “most people who BUY options lose money.” But if one person loses money, that means another person is gaining money, right? So that means, by definition, that if most people who buy options are losing money, most people who SELL options are GAINING money. So what I’m talking about is something called ‘selling options’. You won’t need to know anything technical. Again, relax. I’m just explaining how and why your payouts come about so easily, and I’ll simplify things further in a second. I needed to explain this purely because I don’t want you to be scared off by opening this type of account to receive the money.]

As I said, this is simply an account that enables you to cream off these cash payouts by entering a corporate passcode into a bank website in under five minutes. You can open that account right now, enter the passcode for any company you like, sell an option on it, and the cash will be paid to your account.

No matter what happens, that money is yours to keep. It’s simply a matter of whether you keep the money and walk away, or you walk away with the money AND buy your favorite companies at a heavy discounts. You can then do what you like: you can sell that stock right back to the market the same day, or you can keep it for your retirement portfolio. Either way, you got your cash payout.

Will this be hard to do? No way. We’ll go through this together, step-by-step, until you’ve got it. Then you can do it as many times as you like.

At this stage, my lawyers require me to make a legal statement. You see, the rules are set up so that you have to take advice from government-approved, bank-sponsored financial specialists, and I am not one of them. Please read the following very carefully:

I am not specifically recommending you use any codes, symbols, or stocks mentioned. Any codes, symbols, or stocks mentioned are purely for demonstration purposes, and are just examples of many available. Some of the strategies I’m teaching are considered high risk by the financial authorities. You should not use any codes, symbols, or stocks without advice from a financial professional. I am not giving you specific or personalized financial advice.

Now that’s out the way, I believe this is simply THE best-kept money-making secret in existence! And if you don’t agree, well, not to worry, as I have many more to show you, and they have nothing to do with options. And later on in the proceedings, the secrets I’ll be giving you don’t even have anything to do with financial markets. I’m not married to one thing, just whatever makes the fastest and easiest money for you.

But make no mistake: financial markets, if used wisely, can make money appear out of thin air. Magic money.

Can your house lose money?

Can your employer lose money and make you redundant?

Can your pension fund lose money?

You’ve learned the answer to these questions the hard way.

You’ve done what you were recommended to do according to the conventional ‘wisdom’ of the masses, you tried playing things the way institutions you trusted said were ‘safe’, and where did it all get you?

I know we’re speaking at a time in your life when you’re perhaps feeling jaded by your past experiences, but I want to help you learn from them instead of letting them block a new path to financial success.

You’ve perhaps wasted thousands on so-called ‘trading systems’ in the past, but this secret I explained in this level is not a trading system.

It’s simply a little loophole that allows us to get instant cash payouts by facilitating all the poor fools who do use trading systems!

And another thing about these ‘trading systems’ that may not have occurred to you: if they’re as simple as they’re claimed to be, how come you need a crate of manuals, and a DVD collection to rival the biggest movie-buffs?!

Everything I teach you here is simple. You may or may not find every trick I teach you (and there are many more to come!) your thing, but I assure you, you’ll only have to pick one to make good money.

If nothing else, I need to at least defend you against the next elitist plan with some simple, low-risk steps I’ll show you later in the course.

But if you like this instant cash from entering codes trick, then great. It’s one of my favorites. And once you’ve done it a few times, it’s for sure the fastest! It just also happens to be one of the longest for me to explain what’s behind the very few buttons you push to get your payouts, which is why I don’t want to give you too much information all at once.

I’d like to walk you through the whole thing with you a little bit at a time, if that’s okay.

But you can go and use it right away without my help if you wish.  It won’t cost you anything to open the account I told you about. Select a company you want to rip some cash out of. This OptionsXpress bank’s trading website will tell you the passcode to select for that company. Select the discounted price you’d theoretically be happy to buy it at from the ones listed, how many shares you’d be happy to take if it came to that, and within what time frame (which month you want this deal to run until). You could go on there now, do these simple things in five minutes and walk away with instant cash. Next month I’ll give you a screenshot-by-screenshot demonstration.

However, I strongly recommend not doing this by yourself at this early stage! I recommend learning more about this in this course.

For example, how do you know which companies to rip instant cash from? What are the best times to do it? Would you like to know a simple trick to make even MORE of your cash payout?

I’ll tell you all this next time, where I’ll also walk you through a simple example, using step-by-step picture illustrations.

My suggestion for now: just open the account, and nothing else. And in the next level we’ll walk through a full demonstration as well as look at some brand new, nifty ‘magic-money’ tricks that are extremely simple and fast to use.

Don’t worry! We’ll go through the ‘cash for codes’ trick again in ultra-simple steps next time, and until you’re happy using it by yourself.

Coming Next Time…

Now Let’s Make it Easy…

As I mentioned, next month I’m going to slowly walk you through actually entering the codes and getting you instant cash, screen by screen.

Remember, it all comes down to entering a code and pushing a button to get instant cash payouts.

Now that we’ve got the basic principles understood, we can get on with the practical stuff…

And I’ll tell you which companies to rip cash out of. I’ll tell you a simple trick to make your cash payouts even bigger…

image004Best of all, I’ll give you my easy ‘red light, green light’ signal that tells you when the optimal times are for you to enter codes for cash!

What’s more, this clever little ‘traffic signal’ can make you tax-free money in its own right. It’s never failed me yet. This indicator has NEVER been wrong. NEVER.

Quite simply, this is the closest thing to a crystal ball you’ll ever see!

It gets even better. This indicator will let you predict future storms with frightening accuracy. It’s one of the tools I’d like you to have so you don’t become a victim of future crises… and so you don’t miss out on lucrative opportunities!

And I’ll say it again: it has NEVER been wrong.

Needless to say, I’m excited to give you this hot piece in the game of accelerating you up the double-up ladder to wealth.

If nothing else, consider it a defensive shield you can protect you and your loved ones from financial danger with.

This single, simple secret could be the difference between your financial ruin or your financial independence!

Continue Your Studies- 9 more lessons available!

You’ve now completed the first lesson of ten. I broke the first lesson into the 5 parts that were given to you free of charge over the last 5 days, and I hope you’ve found it useful.

And now it’s time to continue the course! I have a great deal more to tell you, including 9 more clever little tricks to snatch money from the big banks, totally separate to the codes for cash secret I’ve started to explain.

The remaining lessons will be sent to you by mail and are $27 a month (plus shipping), and you can unsubscribe at any time having only paid for the lessons you received.


I’m looking forward to speaking to you next month…

Still to Come…

Until then, let’s look at what else is in the pipeline for you in the ‘Bank Raider’ course…

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What if I had a way of knowing what was going on in the boardrooms of all these fat-cat corporations? Don’t you think this information would be valuable? You bet it would! With this perfectly LEGAL insider knowledge, you’d have a clearer idea of what company codes you might want to rip cash from! Or maybe you work for one of these companies, or your pension fund invests in it? Wouldn’t it be good to know if they were in trouble or not?

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