Mother Nature’s Greatest Gift to Us…Natural Cures


colonial house press-1097Plants, foods, and many other products of Mother Nature have long been used as remedies for mankind.

Even as medical ‘advancement’ has pushed many towards the use of dangerous drugs with harmful side effects, natural cures are still aiding people as they free themselves from illnesses.

I’m not here to yell and scream about the big biopharmaceutical industry poisoning the well and making money hand over fist while those in need are required to spend their entire savings accounts to get help.

All I’m focused on is sharing with as many people as possible that there is almost always a way to get the help you need naturally, and without breaking the bank.

For instance, natural medicines and cures are found in many wild plants around the world:

  • Willow – Used to treat fever and pain
  • Cinchona – Used to treat Malaria
  • Opium poppy – Used in morphine to treat sever pain
  • Snakeroot – Used to treat hypertension
  • Foxglove – Used to treat cardiac arrhythmia

Just these few natural medicine producers can be found all over, from Africa, to Europe, to Asia, to the tropics, and more.

Wouldn’t you rather use a gift from nature rather than a manufactured drug that causes side effects like headaches, back pain, nausea, and others?

And those few side effects are some of the more modest you would find if you were to look on a prescription bottle.

In many cases, the side effects seem worse than the illness the drug treats to begin with!

I simply want you to know that there could be better way for you to treat whatever ails you, even if it’s cancer…

The Natural Cure for Cancer

Mother nature has provided us with an amazing gift through natural cures that I call the ‘special forces’ cures for cancer.

I call them this because they act in the same fashion a Black Ops unit may act:

  • They destabilize the cancer cells
  • They sever the ‘supply lines’ to the cancer cells
  • The cancer cells are then ‘infiltrated’ and ‘assassinated’ before ‘reinforcements’ are called in to make sure the cancer cells don’t return

colonial house press-1145

This comparison may seem too simple for you if you’ve been dealing with cancer yourself or through someone you know, but I’d be happy to explain the science in more detail in just a moment.

I know you may be skeptical, but I also know the power of these natural ‘special forces’ cures. I’ve seen how, after being diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer, my wife showed no signs of the disease in just 3 years thanks to these natural remedies.


If you or someone you know is dealing with cancer in some way, I encourage you to watch a special presentation about the natural cure by clicking here.


Jim Samson