Jim Samson, Publisher


Jim is an International Business Times-quoted expert who is successful in trading, entrepreneurship, and real estate with at least two decades of experience in each, and is a bestselling author as well. Jim is on public record for calling the financial bubble in 2006, and recommending gold to his subscribers as early as 2005.

Jim is the author of the Best Business Blueprints, Real Estate Riches, and Retirement Calculator columns.

Sean Bower, Chief Editor

Sean Bower

Sean started his professional career as a journalist, dating back to his work in business journalism in his home city. Now, Sean couples his journalism experience with his financial expertise and self-help studies in order to cover every part of the financial markets and inner self. Sean is an internationally quoted source as seen in Yahoo Finance, the International Business Times, and Japan’s Nikkei among others, and is on the record for predicting a 10% upside for Toyota the day before the company reported a 10% profit increase.

Sean is the author of the Wall Street Informer and Unlock Your Secret columns.

Mark Edwards, Natural Health Expert

Rick Pendergraft

Mark is The Midas Legacy’s leading health expert. He is dedicated to spreading the knowledge of natural cures while also providing the uncensored truth about common foods and health practices that the major corporations would much rather keep hidden.

Mark is the author of the Natural Cures column.

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