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What follows is a list of stocks that doubled recently, all within a year

You could’ve flipped Facebook as it went from $25 to over $50

You could’ve flipped Tesla as it went from $50 to over $100

You could’ve flipped Citi Bank as it went from $25 to over $50

You could’ve flipped Yelp as it went from $20 to over $40

You could’ve flipped Linkedin as it went from $120 to over $240

You could’ve flipped Nokia as it went from $3 to over $6

You could’ve flipped Green Mountain Coffee as it went
from $40 to over $80 and doubled your money…

 You could’ve flipped Netflix as it went from $100 to over $200

You could’ve flipped Open Table as it went from $30 to over $60

You could’ve flipped Goodyear Tires as it went from $10 to over $20

If you’d have possessed this timeless secret to buying stocks when they’re having their ‘summer’, their up-phase, you’d have ridden these stocks and flipped them for profit.

Now, a skeptic might say this:

“Yeah, but you could also have lost money on those stocks!”

And I reply:

“Absolutely! Many people DID lose money on those stocks- people that bought them when those stocks were having their ‘winter’ or ‘fall’ seasons! They could’ve ONLY enjoyed the profits of ‘summer’ if they’d had this knowledge…”

Now, please understand that past performance is no guide to future performance. Please read the full disclaimer at the bottom if this page. No trading strategy is perfect, and there are unique risks associated with this type of stock, just as there are unique rewards. The stock performances I just quoted are not typical- you could make more than that or you could make less than that. What I’m simply doing is showing you the potential gains if you get it right, and getting it right is what we aim to do.

Let me show you what I mean with a few charts that show the price of some of those stocks I just mentioned.

I’ve written on the charts where their ‘four seasons’ can be seen to occur so you can know what I’m referring to.

Would you believe these stocks are all entirely different companies? But their price charts look almost identical…!

Citi Bank:




Green Mountain Coffee Roasters:


You can see the same thing happening for each of these stocks:

The ‘fall’ phase:The upwards surge in price from the previous summer has run out of steam, the price will start moving sideways, then eventually point downwards. Good news about the stock is usually everywhere at this time, so the unwary investor often buys here, right before ‘winter’…


The ‘winter’ phase:This is the plummet that hurts many people- the stock falls until it’s run out of gravity, and hits the bottom, often way lower than people expect. All the way down people will try to buy back in, thinking they’re getting a bargain, only to be disappointed. And by the way, you can make money from this ‘season’ too, so bear markets make no difference to a stock flipper…!


The ‘spring’ phase: A stock is bouncing along sideways, regrouping and renewing, after the recent descent. Eventually it will start to push upwards out of this sideways renewal phase…


The ‘summer’ phase:The stock is back in favor, and it soars upwards, putting money in the pockets of savvy stock flippers…!


Most people are unaware this patterns exists, so they buy and sell at completely the wrong times, usually on a whim, and they put their resultant failure down to bad luck. Look back at those charts I just showed you.

Do you think ‘luck’ and random chance is playing a part here? Those charts don’t look very random to me, they look like they’re following a script!

A ‘script’ that continually rewards those who know this pattern and punishes those who don’t.

How do you know when a stock’s ‘summer’ is here so you can flip it for profit by ‘fall’?

Answer: you need to know ‘the code’. Each stock contains a kind of code, which when deciphered, tells you when its ‘summer’ is here. My monthly course, Stock Code Breaker, explains how you can use these patterns to improve your investing results.

It’s just $27 a month (plus $2.95 shipping), and you can try it for no risk…


Go ahead and try the first step of the program without risking a dime. In this first step I will show you how to unlock this code and profit, and assuming you know nothing at all about stocks.  If you don’t wish to continue for ANY reason, simply return the lesson in ANY condition within 30 days of purchase for a full and fast refund of every dime you paid, even for shipping! If you wish to continue, simply continue to pay the monthly fee, and you may cancel your subscription at any time, having only paid for lessons received.

All journeys begin with a single step…

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Jim Samson.
Publisher, The Midas Legacy.