1 secret to more wealth & a longer lifespan

Jim_SamsonWhen you sit down and think about it, life is nothing more than constantly trying to gain benefits and limit detriments.

You want to afford the finest restaurants and vacations while limiting the struggle of debt. You want to enjoy more time with your family by limiting illness and pain. You want to gain prestige through your career and limit the stress you experience.

What if I told you there’s a secret that could lead to gaining two of the most incredible benefits imaginable: more wealth and a longer life? This is all you need to know…


More specifically, I’m talking about longevity in your work.

A recent study from Boston College’s Center for Retirement Research showed that working into your 70s, 80s, and even beyond could yield the two things we seem to be chasing for our entire lives.

Here’s how it works…

1. More Wealth

This is clearly the more straightforward of the two benefits. Obviously working longer is going to provide you with a paycheck for a longer amount of time, which means more cash in your pocket.

Simple, right?

That reason alone is why more and more people are choosing to add years to their lives as professionals.

But now there’s an even bigger benefit to doing so…

2. Longer Life

The aforementioned study from Boston College showed some evidence that working longer can lead to a longer life.

At this point it still remains unclear whether the work itself is a direct or indirect cause of the longer lifespan, but the potential benefits of working until later in life make it easy to see how this is possible.

  • For starters, people who continue work into retirement age are generally healthier people who don’t smoke, stay active, and avoid the stresses of a drastic change from work to leisure.
  • Psychologically, people who continue working generally feel more fulfilled than their retired counterparts.
  • Cognitive abilities are normally extended do to the consistent use of them for people who remain at work, which leads to a better quality of life later on.

Of course, there’s certainly no guarantee that working longer will lead to a longer life, but the indirect benefits are obvious, and the probability of extending your life by continuing to work in a fulfilling, stress-free job is higher than the alternative.

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