1 simple trick enhances your life in every way

I present a lot of natural foods and supplements to you in this column, but sometimes I like to focus on natural healing that comes from within you… not something you can buy.

And I’ve got something today that you can start right away that enhances your life in every way.

Everybody is capable of this trick…

Think about where your day starts and ends. Alongside food, water, and air, what’s another vital component to your life that you simply couldn’t live without?


But it isn’t just a necessity – your quality of sleep affects your overall well-being. Think about that.

And it’s not just the amount of sleep you get. You could sleep for 10 hours a night, but if it isn’t high-quality sleep, you’ll still experience that run-down feeling and negatively impact other aspects of life.

Poor sleep means less drive, more anxiety and frustration, lack of patience, lack of motivation, general fatigue, slower reflexes, and so much more…

But getting the right amount of good sleep will make every part of your life better!

Good sleep means better health, the likelihood of having a more positive attitude, more motivation to propel you toward success in your career and relationships, more general happiness, and a better peak operating level, among other things…

So how do you get better sleep at night?

Well, here are the basic things that most people already know:

  • Don’t drink fluids right before bed.
  • Make the sleeping environment as dark as possible.
  • Avoid the television, computer, and phone for a period of time before bed.

But I want to get into the more intricate reasons for why people struggle to get a good level of sleep at night…


Although you may think exercising will drain you and make you even more tired, it rejuvenated the body and expels the energy necessary to obtain better sleep at night. This is a naturally way of increasing the need for sleep at the right times, instead of making yourself go to sleep when you must.

And along the same lines, make sure you’re getting up and moving throughout the day. Many of us spend hours upon hours sitting at a desk each day. If you don’t allow your body to move, this inactivity makes us feel more sluggish. Plus, it’s unhealthy in general! So, take breaks from time to time to get up and stretch.


One of the biggest adversaries of proper sleep is anxiety and stress. You may have realized that when you lay your head down to go to sleep, you’re kept awake by the things weighing on your mind. Worrying equals a lack of good sleep.

Utilizing stress-relief techniques like meditation (or whatever works for you – check out previous Unlock Your Secret articles for ideas) will promote better sleep and, in turn, a better life.


The benefits of drinking enough water are virtually endless, and sleep is no exception. By making your organs work efficiently and providing 85% of what the brain is, water will help you maintain peak sleep quality.

Up your water intake to at least 8 glasses a day for improved sleep. And make sure your diet isn’t causing you to suffer through a lack of good sleep. Eating a healthy diet, including breakfast, will lead to better sleep and a better life!

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