1 trick that virtually guarantees success

Sean BowerI’m often amazed at how something incredibly simple can have the potential to bring anyone huge benefits.

But that’s the beauty of obtaining as much knowledge as possible – when you know how to do something efficiently, you can do it the best possible way with as little effort as possible!

That’s why you won’t be able to live without this simple trick that basically guarantees you success each and every day…

Imagine getting everything on your to-do list done each and every day. Just think about the success and wealth that would inevitably come along with that sort of productivity.

Wouldn’t that lead to more money, more happiness, and a better life in general?

Today I’m going to give you the means to easily accomplishing your daily checklist, and it all comes down to 1 simple secret:

The penny strategy.

The idea is simple – take whatever it is you need to do on a daily basis, quantify it, and put a jar with that amount of pennies in it on your desk (or wherever best suits you).

If that daily task is making 30 phone calls, put 30 pennies in your jar. If your goal is to complete 12 aspects of a project you’re working on, put 12 pennies in the jar. You get the idea…

Also put a second jar on your desk. This one will be empty when you start each day.

As you go throughout the day, transfer 1 penny from the full jar into the empty jar each time you complete 1 call, project, task, etc. At the end of the day you need to see every penny get transferred from the original jar into the new jar.

And it doesn’t have to be pennies. Feel free to use paperclips, peanuts, or anything else you want.

Now, using this simple strategy is going to do a lot more than just tell you your progress as you go throughout the day. It will also give you all of these benefits:


When you have the visual reminder of the penny jars on your desk right in front of you, it’s a constant reminder of what you should be doing. The pennies that symbolize your daily tasks ensure that you don’t drift away from the goal at hand.


It may seem a bit silly now, but you’ll eventually feel a very real need to move those pennies from the 1st jar into the 2nd. And of course you can only move all of them over when you have all of your tasks completed.


Another benefit that’s very closely related to the motivation aspect of the penny jars is the satisfaction you’ll get. When you begin moving a penny over to the 2nd jar after completing a task, it’s a physical recognition of what you’ve completed, which will give anyone some level of satisfaction. And that satisfaction is only multiplied when you move the last penny of the day into the other jar. Soon you’ll crave that satisfaction, which means working harder to ensure each task is done every day.

Tangible Success

The final advantage of the penny strategy is being able to see your success as it happens. Each penny will be a small step on the path to the success you’re chasing, and each time you fill the second jar completely will feel like taking a leap forward on that path!

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