2 EASY tricks to improving your mental health

Some of the most complex problems often call for the simplest solutions.

Take mental health for example… Every day psychiatric medications and in-depth therapy regimes are prescribed to treat the symptoms of these disorders.

If you’re among the 40 million adults in the United States who suffer from some degree of anxiety or depression, finding a cure may be easier than you think.

That said, here are 2 all-natural ways to drastically reduce the negative side effects of these mental illnesses.

First and foremost, sleep on a predictable schedule.

I can’t stress the importance of this enough. Human beings truly are creatures of habit and NEED routine in their lives to function properly.

Believe it or not, anxiety AND depression are both amplified by unpredictability.

In fact, the same biological systems that mediate negative emotions are tied to cyclical circadian rhythms.

In other words, irregular sleeping patterns are directly related to a decline in mental health.

Half the reason people are anxious or depressed in the first place is because they lack control over their lives.

So, why not make a simple effort to inject some structure into it?

This isn’t only limited to patterning your sleep schedule though…

Arguably an even easier way to cut down on the symptoms of anxiety and depression is to eat a high protein, high fat breakfast in the morning.

Bacon, eggs, cheese, avocados… there are plenty of foods that are full of fat and protein. It really just boils down to personal preference and the self-discipline to actually eat before you head out for the day.

The thing to remember here is to avoid simple carbs (sugars) as they tend to produce a blood-sugar spike that cause you to crash.

In the same way that I advise you to regulate your sleep, you should get in the habit of eating a good breakfast.

The body needs to function like a well-rehearsed orchestra, but that’s near impossible when you’re constantly throwing it curveballs.

Studies show that clients have had certain mental illnesses reduced to subclinical levels just from sleeping on a predictable schedule and eating a high protein, high fat breakfast.

As I mentioned, some of life’s greatest complexities are often solved by the most basic solutions.

If you’re struggling with anxiety or depression and looking for a natural cure, then adding a bit of structure to your life may be the way to go.

Start by going to bed and waking up at the same intervals as well as eating a good breakfast. The answer you’re looking for may be much closer than you think…

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