2 real estate secrets (for discounts)

Jim_SamsonWhether you’re talking about the stock market, business, or (in this case) real estate, the people who make the majority of the money know the secrets of the trade.

A successful stock trader knows how to time the market to put everything in his favor, a successful businessman knows how to build relationships…

And someone successful in real estate likely knows the 2 simple secrets to getting discount investments.

In my last Real Estate Riches newsletter I talked about 2 ways to get a discount when you’re trying to buy a property, whether it’s as a home or an investment.

I dug into the topic a little bit further and found 2 more secrets to getting significant discounts…

So to round out this discussion, let’s look at how YOU could easily save thousands of dollars when looking to buy real estate.

Give the Seller Convenience

A seller may want to get rid of their home quickly for any number of reasons:

  • They got a new job and need to move right away,
  • A family member left them the home, but they don’t want it,
  • Etc.

For instance, if a person in San Diego is left a home in Miami from his parents, he may want to quickly and easily sell it.

If you can offer convenience for that person and take it off their hands quickly and with little effort on the seller’s part, a huge discount will likely be within reach for you.

Educate the Seller

In many cases, a person owns a house that isn’t in the best possible shape. If you can offer them a good price for what they might sell the house for if they hold on to it, fix it up, and hire a realtor, you could get a big discount.

The key here is being able to explain to the seller what they could eventually get, how you can make the process 1,000 times easier by paying a price close to what they could eventually get, and how it would be the easiest and best option.

Once you can do that after a little homework, you could easily save thousands of dollars on the investment.

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