2018 resolutions that will make you wealthier

Better late than never, right? Instead of releasing some 2018 resolutions on New Year’s Day like everyone else, I wanted to wait until I had the right list – a list that can add cash to YOUR account.

Well, the list is finally ready, and you now have 11+ months to use it to make you money.

Here are the 2018 resolutions that will make you wealthier…

Resolution 1: Make a deadline for everything

Yes, I completely get the irony of this being my first resolution after not releasing my list of resolutions until now, but don’t let that distract you from how powerful this can be.

First of all, without a deadline, we all continue to push something off again and again. It’s human nature when everyone lives such a busy life.

But creating deadlines for everything and sticking to them, with some sort of punishment for not, will keep you track and force you to accomplish goals. Of course, it’s not the end of the world if you miss the deadline now and again, but putting deadlines down in writing will add structure and efficiency to your life.

And don’t be afraid to start with tight deadlines. Research shows that there’s a unique effect when it comes to deadlines – as the deadline approaches, your focus automatically turns to the task that needs completing, and we’re able to do what it takes get it done.

The only way to become wealthier is to accomplish something, and setting deadlines makes that happen.

Resolution 2: Dedicate one hour a week to trading/investing

There are three main paths to wealth – stocks, business, real estate – and investing in stocks is one that you can start doing right now, even if you’ve never done it before.

True wealth is about making your money work for you, and simply adopting a trading strategy that works can do it all for you in less than a couple of hours each week! And luckily for anyone ready to take this step, we have the courses, systems, and services that have proven track records of success.

If you buy Stock XYZ today, and a week from now it’s gone up 5%, you’ve just made money with almost zero work!

A virtually passive income stream is all yours if you can dedicate just one hour a week to trading stocks.

Resolution 3: Give yourself permission to make mistakes

This is my favorite piece of advice from legendary entrepreneur Richard Branson, and it’s the secret to building something great. No business has ever been built without someone taking a chance, and taking a chance includes the potential for failure.

Mistakes happen when you’re chasing a goal, so allow yourself to be imperfect, and then learn from it.

If you’re here right now, you’re likely an entrepreneur (or an aspiring entrepreneur) yourself, which makes this the most important resolution for you this year.

Resolution 4: Reduce stress

Research has proven that stress kills creativity, which is the secret ingredient to every single idea. And ideas make you money.

Please note that I’m not necessarily talking about coming up with that one big idea that revolutionizes some part of our lives. If that happens, great, but even the small ideas put money in your pocket.

For example, realizing that you pay too much to ship out a product to your customers, and coming up with the idea to turn your book into a digital item.

With stress, even that small level of creativity is blocked.

So, take a lunch break, only check emails twice a day, remove unnecessary negativity from your life, and make time for yourself.

With these four resolutions, 2018 will be a year that your bank account will surely benefit from.

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