3 steps for bear market payouts

There’s no reason you should lose any money in a bear market, a downturn, or a recession.

In fact, you should be making money in each of these scenarios.

While everybody else loses everything but the kitchen sink, you should build wealth, and you can build wealth.

I’m not saying we’re in a bear market or recession or any of that. Those are just buzz words the media uses to scare you.

What I am saying is you should be following these 3 simple steps to get your payouts…

First things first, let’s get out of the mindset of fear.

Forget bear markets; forget recessions; forget the prospect of losing everything.

There’s always a way to make money in the market, and it doesn’t matter which way it’s going or what everybody else is doing.

Here’s how…

Step 1: Go to Cash

First of all, what does “go to cash” actually mean?

You may hear people saying they’ve gone to cash, and all it really means is a liquidation of their stocks.

So, when you start seeing the prospect of a downturn, bear market, or recession, you can sell all your stocks.

If you’re in any of our premium recommendation services, we tell you exactly when that moment is, but you can also gauge it yourself by following the general financial media outlets.

Think about it this way…

In these scenarios, sitting in cash shouldn’t be looked at as money that’s not growing, it should be looked at as money that’s not shrinking.

As stocks go down, sitting in cash means your money remains even (generally speaking).

Step 2: Invest in the Dollar

This might sound a little confusing and redundant but let me explain.

So you’re sitting in cash after step 1.

I said your money remains even, but the dollar usually goes up in value as people start selling their stocks in masses.

So, you can actually take your dollars and invest in the dollar.

The dollar can be invested in like any other stock.

You can buy the Invesco DB US dollar Index Bullish Fund (UUP).

Those of you in our Midas Premium newsletter will know that we invested in a similar index that returns 3 times the profits of UUP!

Step 3: Invest in Resilient Stocks/Funds

After step 2, your portfolio only consists of a dollar index.

That’s great. You’ll see the profits coming in from that as stocks lose value, but how do you maximize your portfolio return?

This one’s a little trickier, but a little bit of time (or joining our flagship recommendation service) will get you to profit in no time.

This step involves finding stocks that are resilient (and profitable) in a market downturn.

Anything that’s going up as everything else is going down is usually a safe bet.

You’ll generally find that if stocks like the big tech ones are going down, then more traditional companies (oil, metals, real estate, etc.) might be going up.

Now, there’s no promise that the ones listed will be going up, but you’ll find a general industry (like oil right now, for example) that doesn’t care about the market downturn.

Find stocks or funds in this industry and invest in them.

So, there it is. Your 3 steps to payouts in a bear market, downturn, or recession.

Navigating these times can be a delicate process. We are always a phone call away to find the best option for you to profit in uncertain times.

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