3 tricks every real estate beginner needs

Much like Wall Street, the real estate world sets you up to fail…

Unless you get your hands on some of the simple tricks that make investors millions, that is.

If you’ve never invested in real estate before, but want to be exposed to the millions upon millions that could be earned, these 3 tricks will be everything you need to get started…

If you have done a little investing in real estate, you still might learn a thing or two and maximize your profits…

You’re going to be amazed by how powerful these 3 simple tricks are…

To some, they may be a little obvious… but are you using them all correctly?

Chances are: probably not.

When I first began investing in real estate, I dived in head first without anywhere to turn for helpful tips.

If I’d have known these 3 simple tricks back then, I would’ve saved hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars…

So, what are these 3 simple tricks I’m talking about? Let’s take a look…

Real Estate Beginner Trick #1

Have you heard the term: Early bird gets the worm?

That adage applies to real estate just as much as it does to anything else.

You may be surprised to learn: In most real estate sales, it’s not the highest bid that gets the sales… it’s the first bid.

This is because most of the time the first bid is accepted before a higher bid has the chance to generate…

So, the lesson from this trick?

Be quick on your research and don’t hesitate when you find a property you love.

Real Estate Beginner Trick #2

Consider a lot of different deals.

When it comes to real estate investing, your options are endless. You need to make sure you’re considering all your options.

When I’m searching for massively profitable deals, I’ll look at hundreds of properties.

I’d then narrow them down by location I’d like to buy in.

After that, I quickly analyze the pictures of the homes, the prices, and the amount of time they’ve been on the market.

This narrows my list down even more.

Out of these hundreds of homes, I’ll make low (but fair) offers on about 10 of them.

You’ll almost always get an offer accepted if your offer is in the sweet spot between not too low and not too high to be profitable.

Real Estate Beginner Trick #3

Always consider foreclosed properties.

It’s a morbid thing to think about, but people get kicked out of their homes all the time. You can take a second to feel sorry for them, but while that’s happening, somebody else is snapping up the deal of a lifetime.

When houses are foreclosed on, the banks take possession of the home and the residents have to vacate.

The main business of banks is lending money, not managing property… this means, more often than not, the banks are willing to cut you a deal if you can take the property of their hands as soon as possible.

Tools like Zillow.com will show some foreclosed homes, but beware: you must act quickly if you want to snap the deal up.

If you’ve never invested in real estate before, or you’ve invested a little bit but have never made significant enough profits, these 3 simple tricks are ideal for you.

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