3 tried-and-true ways to make $$$ online

What’s better than a business? An online business!

There’s no denying the fact that this so-called “digital age” is taking over.

People these days are relying more and more on the phone in their hands and the computer on their lap for just about anything you can think of.

Shopping, education, food delivery, even relationships… you get the picture.

My point is, if you’re an aspiring business owner then you need to adapt to America going online in order to remain relevant.

That’s why I’ve listed 3 tried-and-true internet business ideas to take on if you’re looking to make the move from employee to employer.

Maybe you’re the kind of person who believes in the old ways of face-to-face communication and transactions.

I’m with you, but frankly the vast majority is NOT.

Consumers in this day and age want instant gratification and that’s essentially what the online world has to offer.

The entire shopping experience has transitioned from walking around brick-and-mortar establishments to the press of a finger and there’s no turning back…

The digital space is going to continually evolve from here on out. With or without you.

So sticking to traditional business practices won’t get you very far. In fact, doing so will most likely leave you in the dust.

I don’t want you to think this switch only works in favor of the buyers though. Having an online business of your own is arguably one of the greatest ways to make a living!

Generating income with nothing more than a computer and a cellphone is a game changer.

I’m sure you won’t miss the workplace dress code or commute to the office either…

With an online business, you have the freedom to call the shots from the comfort of your home while wearing your pajamas if you want to.

Whether your goal is to supplement your income or escape the 9-5 grind altogether, you can start by taking a stab at creating a website.

1. Website creation

I know what you’re thinking… don’t let this term scare you away just yet.

A lot of people out there are under the impression that you have to be a software engineer or some “coding wizard” in order to get a webpage up and running.


With platforms like WordPress and Squarespace, it’s easier than ever before! If you know how to click and drag with your computer mouse, you’re already qualified.

Setting up a site on the internet is really about selling your time. It doesn’t involve anything that other people can’t do themselves, but most lack the time.

And because the online world is on track to getting more and more crowded, there will always be a steady demand for new websites.

This creates a perfect business opportunity!

Feel free to familiarize yourself with the tools that go hand-in-hand with WordPress and Squarespace and startup your own website creation business.

If you enjoy writing, you can also try to publish your own work.

2. Self-publishing

Whether you lean more towards sci-fi or historical non-fiction, if you know how to put thoughts onto paper you can become an eBook author.

Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing program allows you to self-publish eBooks for FREE.

Considering the amount of traffic that goes through Amazon on a daily basis, you can essentially reach MILLIONS of readers this way.

The publishing process itself only takes about 5 minutes and your book can appear on Kindle stores worldwide within a day or two!

It’s easy income that won’t even feel like work if you truly love to write.

Either way, self-publishing is a great way to make something once and get paid over and over again for it.

Chances are you already have some knowledge that’s worth sharing, but if you know firsthand that you’re not the next Shakespeare then writing won’t take you very far.

If that’s the case, you best bet for business might be to teach an online workshop or coach a DIY type walkthrough.

3. Video content

Almost every laptop these days comes with a built-in webcam, but if you’re still rocking a desktop from the early 2000’s, you can purchase a plug-in camera for as little as $15.

From then on out, you can publish video content via a YouTube or Vimeo channel and get paid by the amount of views you accumulate.

Not a bad gig, right?

The material you provide can range from car maintenance to home cooking. It doesn’t really matter.

The important thing is to stick to your expertise and post regularly so you can keep your audience engaged.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t’ have enough viewers right off the bat either. It takes time to form an audience, but if you’re serious about it you’ll eventually get there.

When it comes to online business, the options are endless…

Hopefully the 3 examples provided here give you a better understanding of all the possibilities that the internet has to offer in terms of making money during this digital age we live in.

It’s up to you to make your business dream a reality though and I wish you the best of luck.

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