3 ways to kickstart your morning

Most people just accept morning grogginess for what it is and rely on a cup of coffee or carbonated energy drink to get the pick-me-up they’re looking for.

If you’re okay with feeling half-awake until that caffeine fix comes along, then have at it.

But if you’re tired of being tired after it’s time to rise and shine, you don’t have to deal with it for much longer.

You see, there’s an all-natural way to waking up on the right side of the bed and it only requires 3 simple steps.

Let me explain…


If you’re getting enough sleep at night, that means you’re going a solid 7 or 8 hours without any water.

Unless you’re sleepwalking after hours and making a trip to the kitchen to chug some H2O, you’re starting the day off dehydrated.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Yep, you guessed it… fill up on fluids first thing in the morning!

As a rule of thumb, try to get at least 12 ounces of filtered water down right when you wake up.

If you want to go the extra mile, add a few grams of sea salt and a lemon slice to make up for all the minerals and electrolytes you spent the day before.

Think of this step of the process as oiling a finely tuned piece of machinery. After all, that’s what your body is.

Hydrating ASAP can act as a “cool bath for your organs” and give you the energy boost you need.

Don’t fall into the routine of immediately going for a hot cup of coffee. This will just dehydrate you even further.

Try to make this concoction of water, lemon and salt your first thing in the morning cocktail before turning to caffeine.


Have you ever heard of circadian rhythm?

It’s basically a fancy term used to describe our body’s 24 hour clock.

Half the reason we’re so sleepy in the morning is because our time cycle is thrown off.

Back in the day when there wasn’t any electricity or alarm clocks to keep your circadian rhythm in check, these cycles were completely dependent on the sun.

Now, some cities never sleep and shifts can start hours before the sun even comes up, which makes it difficult to get in tune with this so-called internal clock.

Lucky for you, optimizing circadian rhythm for performance is as easy as adding a bit of light to your morning routine.

NO, getting blasted by your cellphone screen won’t cut it.

You’re going to need direct blue-light exposure (preferably from natural sunlight) if you want the kind of good morning you’re shooting for.

This is as simple as walking outside if you’re up in time for the sunrise or buying a pair of light-emitting earbuds to stimulate receptors on your body if you’re up before then.

However you’re getting your daily dose of blue-light doesn’t really matter, just know that it’s been proven to increase cognitive performance and get you out of zombie-mode in the AM.


I’m sure this goes unsaid, but getting the blood flowing after you roll out of bed is another all-natural way to wake up.

Whether it’s a 5-minute yoga routine or taking the dog for a stroll around the block, putting your body in motion is a method that’s been proven to work.

The point here is not to exercise (although that certainly wouldn’t hurt), but to just elevate your heart rate.

Obviously you’ll want to incorporate physical activity into all parts of your day, but doing so from the get-go tends to set a positive tone for the day to come.

Make it a point to get moving during the first 20 minutes you’re awake, I guarantee it’ll make a difference in how lively you are from that point forward.

Well, there you have it.

Waking up the way nature intended boils down to hydration, light and movement.

If you can add this trio to your morning routine, I guarantee you’ll notice a difference in how awake you feel throughout the day.

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