3 ways to start loving Mondays

Does Monday eve fill you with dread? Are you tired of poisoning the rest of your relaxing Sunday with hatred for the following day?

It’s time we revamp your Mondays from the bane of your existence to something you look forward to.

The first day of the week is arguably the most important, and properly appreciating it goes a long way in improving the productivity of your business.

Put smiles on the faces of your employees, your boss, and even yourself with these 3 ways to start loving Mondays.

Whether it’s thanks to pop culture, early rush hours, or lack of sleep, most people hate Mondays.

Perhaps you roll out of bed sadly singing the “manic Monday” tune and shuffling your feet to get ready.

Perhaps you dash out the door because you overslept.

Perhaps you spill your coffee in your haste because you’re late for your 8am meeting.

All of these things are solid reasons to succumb to Monday mayhem.

But starting your week off on such a bad note can extensively damage your business affairs.

You might be unprepared for that first-thing meeting, and lose a business deal because of it.

You might nod off at your desk during an important phone call.

You might send a half-completed email and cause a company-wide ruckus by hitting “Reply All.”

All of these things throw a wrench in your day-to-day operations.

And I don’t have to tell you that when it comes to running a business, those operations are how you make money.

So what can you do to prevent this dreaded day from ruining your profits?

Quite a few things actually.

Studies show that on Mondays the stock market returns are lower, suicide rates are higher, and happiness indexes rank at a shocking low.

It’s no wonder people are so disrupted on Mondays. The whole world is stuck in a rut with them.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Only after your newly-kindled love affair with Sunday’s follower begins can your business flourish as it was meant to.

Falling in love with Mondays is as easy as the following 3 steps.

1. Plan ahead.

It goes without saying that part of the reason you feel so unprepared on Monday mornings is because you are.

So many people go to bed Sunday night with “I’ll do it tomorrow” on their lips.

By the time tomorrow comes, your alarm is blaring and you’re tripping over yourself to get out the door.

An important way to prevent that from happening is to take a couple minutes out of your weekend to prep for the coming week.

My favorite way to prepare for Mondays is to throw on a pot of pasta while I drink my evening tea.

Add a little salt and butter and I have 3 of my lunches ready for the week.

If meal prepping isn’t your style, perhaps you lay out the outfit you plan on wearing the next day.

You can iron while watching your favorite Sunday night programs, and you’ve just bought yourself another 20 minutes of snooze time.

Planning one or multiple things that will fall into your lap Monday can help alleviate a ton of stress the first day of the week often brings.

2. Start off on a high note.

This sounds kind of silly, but if you start your Monday by thinking positively, the less likely you’re going to hate it.

Instead of rolling out of bed at the last minute and hustle through getting ready, take a moment while you’re still relaxed to concentrate.

Think about what you plan to accomplish that day, or that week.

Think about what you’re looking forward to.

Think about how you can help yourself get through this Monday.

After you’ve practiced some peaceful thinking, having a healthy breakfast is the easiest way to boost your mood.

Nutrients are the lazy person’s pick-me-up, and downing a balanced breakfast will keep you energized until lunch time.

3. Go easy on yourself.

Remember that 8am Monday meeting we talked about?

Try to avoid those if possible.

As a cog in a business, you have the ability to make choices that ensure its success.

Give yourself and your team some time to digest and prepare for any meetings you might have at the beginning of the week.

Experts recommend scheduling meetings for Tuesday afternoons to give everyone ample time to feel prepared.

You also should avoid piling on work the first thing Monday morning.

That’ll tire out your stamina and leave you unmotivated the rest of the week.

Instead, try dedicating Mondays to passion projects that interest you, or a certain type of task that you can look forward to.

Taking some of the stress away from Monday work is a great step on the path to enjoying them more.

Once you’ve mastered these 3 steps, you’re going to notice a world of difference in how you feel on Mondays.

After you begin to feel energized, prepared, and positive when beginning your week, your business can finally reach the new heights it deserves.

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