4 laws that provide success, wealth

Jim_SamsonIn virtually all walks of life, but especially in entrepreneurship, there are 4 specific ideals that I like to call the 4 Laws of Success.

By adhering to these laws, I’ve been able to build businesses, achieve success, and gain wealth.

Now it’s your turn…

These 4 laws will pretty much explain themselves, so let’s get right to it, shall we?

1. Be productive, not busy

A common mistake that we all make, at least from time to time, is to trick ourselves into thinking we’re accomplishing a lot just by keeping ourselves busy. I used to have this problem. Instead of being truly productive and focusing on the one, most important thing, I would find several insignificant things to do and fool myself into thinking I was be productive.

Don’t just keep yourself busy. Identify the most important thing and make strides toward real goals – that’s true productivity.

2. More doing, less talking

You can talk about starting your own business forever, you can plan out every detail of that business together, and you can discuss the future forever. Stop talking and start doing!

Real progress is made by putting things to the test and actually doing something. You may fail along the way and learn a valuable lesson, or you may succeed and realize your dreams. But I guarantee that nothing will ever come of only talking about doing something.

3. Force yourself to stop building and start testing

Along the same lines as the last law, this one is also about taking action.

It’s easy to make yourself believe that everything has to be absolutely perfect before you can try it out or test it. That’s simply not true. In fact, you often learn much more through testing than you ever could by continuing to build without trying it out.

Build something with your best effort, and then put it to the test. Learn from that test, improve what you built, and test again. Doing that enough will lead to the best product or service possible.

4. Add value

An important lesson I had to learn on the path to success was that adding value is much, much more important than just obtaining funding. Funding is a byproduct of great value, so put all your effort into creating a great and unique product or service, and let the funding take care of itself.

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