4 passive cash-cows NOBODY is looking at

I’ve just come across something incredible…

I’m talking about 4 passive cash-cows that nobody is taking advantage off.

Boy, I love getting to be the first to bring these opportunities to you—my loyal students—because I know YOU will actually do something with it.

Let me show you…

Passive income usually comes from two places:

  1. Dividend payments from an investment
  2. Profit share from a business you start or own

Now, I know number 2 can seem daunting, but what if I told you the business was already set up and ready to pay out?

I’m talking about franchises…

I know what you’re thinking, “franchises are too expensive, and too much hard work.”

Not these ones. Each of these 4 franchises can be bought for under $4,000. That’s nothing compared to the return that you’ll soon see on them.

Why not begin your entrepreneurial career with the backing of an already established company?

Let’s take a look at them:

1. Jan-Pro Franchising Int’l Inc.

Jan-pro is the perfect franchise investment opportunity. It’s a commercial cleaning company that consistently focuses on its franchisees.

A Jan-Pro franchise would only cost you $3,985, and it has the potential to pay you back in the form of a triple-figure salary.

With their proprietary Jan-Pro Technics system, this company is one of the world leaders in cleaning services. Jan-Pro could very well be your big ticket to wealth.

2. Stratus Building Solutions

Stratus Building Solutions is another commercial cleaning franchise, but it provides you with two different options when it comes to franchising from them.

At a low price of $3,450, Stratus Building Solutions is extremely flexible when it comes to your investment.

You have the option to buy a standard franchise from them, which is often-times home-base, or you can own your own master franchise (for a bit more money) which would entail that you oversee the other franchises in your area.

The second option would obviously provide a bigger return, but you’d have to put a little more time into it.

Stratus Building Solutions isn’t quite as established as Jan-Pro, but that means that its room for growth could be huge.

3. Jazzercise Inc.

At a small price of $3,530, a Jazzercise franchise could be the perfect investment to lead you to that endless wealth stream quicker than you could ever imagine.

You may have heard of Jazzercise before as it’s one of the world leaders in total-body conditioning. With half a million yearly participants between the U.S. and 30 other countries, this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

4. Dream Vacations

This last gem comes in the form of a franchise deal with Dream Vacations. They sell travel packages of all different kinds, and if travelling the world is one of your life goals, this might be the perfect investment for you.

At a very small price of $3,245 per franchise, I’m not sure why anybody would want to pass this up. There’s no overhead costs—you can work from home—and you have the option of hiring your own crew, or starting off small and using the utensils that Dream Vacations provide you with.

While most of your entrepreneurial competitors will be dealing with headaches when trying to come up with their own business, you’ll be raking in an endless wealth stream while sitting on the beach.

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