4 short steps to everything you’ve ever wanted

You might be a little skeptical, but you really are only 4 short steps from everything you’ve ever wanted.

All your dreams of wealth and happiness are within reach, you just have to unlock a few doors before you can grab them.

But these 4 short steps will take you right through those doors as if they were never there in the first place.

Step 1 – Separate the how from the what

When most people complete a task—no matter how big or small—they tend to focus on what they’ve done instead of how they did it.

The flaw in this method is that you’re always starting fresh whenever you move onto something new.

If you take time to think back on how you completed your task, you’ll have a much clearer understanding of the values that helped you complete it.

This is the very reason people tend to fixate on their “prouder moments” as opposed to looking forward to exciting new adventures.

If you shift your focus from what you did to how you did it, you’ll automatically become much more successful in your future endeavors.

Step 2 – “Done!”

This one might seem a little childish, but bear with me…

Whenever you complete something, say the word “done!”

This is the exact type of physiological response your brain needs in order to feel at ease after a difficult or time-consuming task.

This type of motivation digs into your subconscious and creates a desire for that feeling of productivity.

You rewarded yourself with a satisfying “done!” and now your subconscious wants more.

Whether it seems childish or not, you’ll see that your brief skepticism was worth getting over when you become more productive than you’ve ever been by using this step.

Step 3 – Take control

This step is crucial in your quest for getting everything you’ve ever wanted, and it relies heavily on thinking back to how you felt at certain negative times.

If you’re going into work full of negativity, just remind yourself about the last time you tried working with that weight on your chest.

You were probably extremely unproductive, which kills off any chance of you reaching your goals of wealth and happiness.

Why would you want to waste a whole day because something small is getting you down?

The perfect counteract to this is to anticipate exactly how you’re going to feel throughout the day and pick something cheerful to combat that feeling.

Bring yourself a little snack or arrange a phone call with one of your favorite people.

Either way, if you’re prepared for those negative times, you can beat them before they beat you.

Step 4 – Never jump the productivity gun

Now that you’re armed with the 3 vital steps I’ve just provided for you, you need to understand that your productivity isn’t unlimited.

If you’ve got 15 minutes before an important meeting, it can be very unproductive to race through emails with half-thought-out replies.

Take this time to bask in how well your upcoming meeting is going to go.

Those 15 minutes should be used to ramp up to the meeting, not squeeze something unrelated in.

By using your maximum level of productivity on something you could take care of after, you’re going to fall short when you need it most.

These 4 steps might seem extremely obvious to you right now, but are you doing all you can to make sure you’re taking the necessary measures to reach your goals?

If you’ve been looking for an answer to the infamous question: “Why aren’t I as successful as him?” then you should look no further.

These 4 short steps, if taken correctly, will pull your financial goals within reaching distance so you can snatch them up and live happily ever after.

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