5 secrets from the world’s greatest entrepreneur

All I can say about the Annual Wealth Summit held last weekend is “Wow!”

It was absolutely incredible getting to speak with so many of you at the event, and it’s done nothing but motivate me even more, so thank you to everyone who could be a part of it!

And in the spirit of what the Annual Wealth Summit was all about, I want to return to one of my favorite topics and something that’s inspired me to continuously improve my financial position: the 5 secrets learned from who I consider to be the world’s greatest entrepreneur…

Self-made billionaire Sir Richard Branson has built an empire from scratch, is beloved by his employees, and is the epitome of a successful entrepreneur.

Here are my 5 favorite secrets derived from people who’ve spent time with Branson, and how YOU can use them to achieve your financial goals:

1. If you don’t enjoy your work, change what you do or how you do it.

The simplest of ideas, but one of the most difficult ideas to truly appreciate. Think about it…

Even if you don’t enjoy your work, you likely spend much of your day trying to convince yourself that you do. But either way, it’s time to be 100% honest with yourself and face the fact head on if you don’t enjoy your work.

If that’s the case, you now have two options:

  • Change what you do
  • Change how you do what you’re currently doing

Take the advice of a man who’s changed paths multiple times, and is now an extremely happy multi-billionaire.

2. Treat people kindly. Always.

You may not ever see the reciprocation and understand where it comes from, but treating people the right way WILL continue to benefit you.

When you treat people kindly, the rewards will always find their way to you.

3. Find people to do what YOU don’t do well

Again, it’s time to be honest with yourself. What are your weaknesses? What is it that you simply don’t do well?

Your pride may be telling you it’s up to you to make it all work, but would you rather do it all yourself OR be successful?

Identify those weaknesses and find good people to do what you aren’t able to.

4. Create a bold vision that others will follow

The first step is to create a bold vision for yourself. This has to motivate you and be worth fighting for.

But it should go beyond that, as well. You need a vision that makes you and the people around you better off.

Chasing after that vision WILL enhance you and those you work with in some way.

5. Give yourself permission to make mistakes

This might be the most difficult lesson of the five, especially if you’re a perfectionist like me.

The issue with not following this secret is that you start “playing not to lose” rather than playing to win, as my football coach would say.

But when you give yourself permission to fail, you give yourself the ability to “go for it,” to take a risk, and to finally take that first step towards your entrepreneurial goals.

Richard Branson has gone from relatively nothing to self-made entrepreneurial billionaire, and it’s in large part to those five secrets above…

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