5 simple lifehacks maximize your day

It’s 11pm and you’re wondering where all the time in your day went. You feel like you didn’t accomplish any of your goals for the day and you’re stressed out.

That’s a dilemma a lot of people face year in and year out.

But I’m telling you, it doesn’t have to be this way.

With just 5 simple lifehacks you can maximize every minute of your day – leaving you feeling satisfied and accomplished.

You see, most people don’t even realize the amount of time wasted every day.

And once you think about it, it’s astounding.

Let’s talk about how we can make the most out of every day.

First, take time planning your day.

By making a plan you prioritize your tasks for the day and outline the time needed to accomplish these goals.

This might seem mundane, but having no game plan can often result in wasting time just figuring out what task to do next.

So, it just makes sense…

Second, cut screen time.

A huge time waster is how much we spend in front of a screen… as much as 10 hours a day in some cases.

Even the average person watches about 4 ½ hours of T.V. a day.

Try cutting at least half the time you spend watching T.V. at first, then gradually cut more and more.  This could be adding over 4 hours to your day, seven days a week… an extra 28 hours a week.

Imagine what you could accomplish with all that extra time.

Third, once and be done.

Simple tasks like checking your email can be time consuming. And how many of us are guilty of checking our email every hour or so?

While this may seem productive, it may be more wasteful than the time that it’s worth.

To me, it’s best to clear my inbox once a day and check my email twice a day.

Fourth, don’t be afraid to say No.

I know, nobody likes to say no… but by simply limiting the requests you accept of people biding for your time, you’ll increase your daily productivity exponentially.

Fifth, quit multitasking and stay focused.

Trying to do more than one thing at a time makes you less efficient. When you have a task in hand, devote all your energy towards completing it. This will make you more effective and more efficient with your time.

By applying these 5 simple lifehacks to your everyday life, you’ll be amazed by how much your productivity will increase.

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