5 tricks that clear under-eye bags forever

It’s impossible to get enough sleep these days. It’s bad enough that this leads to us shuffling through the days like zombies, but then you add the bags and dark spots under the eyes.

I don’t know about you, but I draw the line at physical showings of my exhaustion.

If you’re tired of looking like your under-eyes are permanently bruised, I have the cure. You can stop those premature wrinkles and smooth out your skin permanently, and you can do it without getting the perfect amount of sleep every night!

With these five simple tricks, you can say goodbye to under-eye troubles and hello to healthy, youthful skin!

The sad truth is, it’s impossible to keep under eye bags at bay forever without a little help. No matter how much sleep you get, there’s still stress, quality of sleep, and natural aging to contend with.

We fight to keep ourselves looking and feeling young an energetic, and honestly, it can be exhausting!

Plus, as we age, our bodies naturally stop producing elastin and collagen, the two essential proteins that give skin its springiness and its shape.

Fortunately though, those pesky shadows under your eyes can be cleared away with a few simple daily tricks, keeping you looking and feeling younger and healthier.

1. Stay hydrated

When we are dehydrated, our skin thins out and loses elasticity. When this happens, it leads to sagging and eventually wrinkles.

Our bodies require 10% to 15% water content to keep our skin full and supple—so make sure not to skimp on the water!

2. Take a Vitamin E supplement

Vitamin E is essential to the production of collagen and maintaining the tightness of skin that makes it feel and appear youthful.

3. Baking soda and water eye mask

It might sound strange, but mixing together baking soda and water to create a paste to put on the eyes can cure under-eye circles. The baking soda, when allowed to dry into the skin, makes the skin tighten and decreases bags.

In addition, baking soda has natural bleaching properties that can lighten dark circles!

4. Place sliced potatoes over your eyes

You read correctly! Replace the traditional cucumber for a potato and you can wave goodbye to under-eye troubles!

Potatoes, in addition to having tightening properties as a starch, also contain an enzyme that bleaches the skin, eliminating dark spots.

5. Place used tea bags on your eyes

It might sound weird, but this one really works, and it’s a money-saver!

After a cup of tea (which is already full of rejuvenating ingredients) try placing your tea bags in the fridge to cool, then place them over your eyes while they are still damp.

Cool temperatures naturally tighten the skin, and natural tannins in the tea bags act as an astringent and increase shape and fullness in the skin.

Some of these little tricks might sound odd, but I can promise you they are effective! Because dark circles appear as a result of a protein deficiency, it’s easy to supplement the proteins (collagen and elastin mostly) that are missing.

By using these remedies, you give your skin what it needs to be happy and healthy, keeping you looking young for years to come!

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