5 ways to make your paycheck go further

Are you satisfied with how much you make?

Even if you answered yes, would you really turn down the opportunity to make your paychecks go further?

I didn’t think so.

Everybody wishes they had the Midas touch, then all the pennies and quarters they touched would turn to gold.

Believe it or not, the Midas touch can’t do as much for you as this little trick can.

No matter the bottom line on your paycheck, I can make it go further with 5 simple suggestions.

If you’ve ever really sat down and sifted through your finances, chances are you weren’t happy with how many expenses stacked up.

Sure, there’s coupon clipping and cash back rewards, but saving spare change doesn’t go far in terms of elevating your lifestyle.

Finding a higher paying job or making a little money on the side are both possibilities, but often more difficult to bring to fruition than you might think.

You’re probably looking for a way to make more money out of what you already have.

There are traditional options like selling old possessions or relocating to a smaller property, but those things may not make as big of a difference as you might hope.

To get your paychecks to extend as far as possible, you sometimes have to think a little drastically.

The answer to making money out of where there was none is to look for it where you haven’t looked before.

Moving is often a result of another decision in your life relating to money.

More often than not, people move for a new job, a new school, or just a new start.

What if you moved to make more money?

That seems like the best reason of all.

But you can’t just throw a dart at a map and haul yourself over there.

Choosing your next location requires it to be more cost-effective than your current one.

Luckily for you, there are 5 red hot contenders ready for you to call them home.

1. Houston, TX

If you follow our content, you know that we’ve recommended Texan real estate to you before.

That’s because it’s simply the best deal when looking to put down roots.

You don’t even have to move if you don’t want to – investing in lucrative real estate locations can bring even more money than just saving on housing costs.

The great thing about Houston is it benefits from a high economic growth rate.

In the past couple of years, Texas saw the biggest increase in population, and Houston saw the most out of cities in the state.

That brings up the median household income to a respectable $63,000.

As a result, the income levels outpace the cost of living, and with accommodative transportation and low consumer good prices, your everyday expenses will see a drastic reduction.

2. Dallas, TX

Dallas has all the Texan hospitality to offer as Houston, but it also has a few tricks up its sleeve that sets it apart from its southern cousin.

It has a nonexistent state income tax and capitalizes on domestic migration.

That brings a huge boost in local economies, and makes it easier for residents to buy things.

The living costs in Dallas versus Los Angeles are about 56% lower.

Also laying in the Sun Belt, you won’t miss any west coast charm in this cost-effective safe haven.

3. Charlotte, NC

While this may seem like a random pick, Charlotte is home to many big-name companies like Bank of America.

Combined with a national football team, Charlotte can offer residents a higher after-tax income than popular hubs like New York City.

Not to mention the proximity to the Atlantic coast, this suburban paradise could be just what your wallet needs.

4. Denver, CO

If the south isn’t your style, a stay in the mountains is calling.

Located in close proximity to major universities and coupled with blissfully quiet smaller towns, Denver is the perfect destination for the old soul.

In addition to the scenic luxuries, Denver residents boast high wages, low costs, and a higher quality of life that attracts more and more nature lovers every year.

5. Austin, TX

Back to Texas because the benefits are too hard to pass up, Austin is also known as “The Live Music Capital of the World.”

As the state capital, it has the highest metropolitan growth rate.

The downtown hub is home to new wave tech workers and corporate employees.

The lively scenery is perfect for the bubbly professional, offering an eyebrow-raising median salary of $83,000.

So if you’re willing to take the jump to save your wallet, these 5 cities could be your landing destination.

Where you live is a huge strain on your income, and new sights and sounds can feed your finances and your soul.

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