6 pieces of the perfect business

Jim_SamsonYou’re the type of person who was born to be an entrepreneur. You can’t wait to be your own boss. You’re ready to take that big first step and start your own business.

What now?

Simple- make sure you select these 6 pieces of the perfect business puzzle…

Now, I can’t tell you exactly what business is the right one for you because every person is different. But I can tell you what any great business will have.

Like anything in life, picking out the perfect business to start includes both Dos and Don’ts. Let’s start with the Don’ts.

1. Don’t require a staff

If possible, don’t start a business that requires a staff at all. If you have to have one, make sure you limit it as much as possible. No matter how great your employees are, it becomes a hassle to manage and comes with plenty of headaches that will take up your time.

2. Don’t require an office space

The perfect business in almost any discipline won’t require an office space either. Why not just run your business from home or your vehicle if possible?

Office space is already super expensive, and it seems to just get more and more expensive every year. Try to start without it at first and then move to an office if you’d like to once your business has proven to be successful.

Now we can get to the Dos…

3. Solve a problem

The perfect business solves a problem. That’s because people will inherently want/need your business or product if it removes a hindrance to their lives. And if you get it perfect, it will be a business or product that people absolutely crave.

4. Make it systematic

Efficiency becomes incredibly important when you run your own business. Time is money, right? If you can make everything systematic then you’ll be able to make sure it’s all running smoothly.

Plus, having a system for every part of your business means you could potentially have everything run on autopilot!

5. Have a unique twist

Unless you’re able to start a business with a 100% brand new idea that nobody else is doing, you’ll need to put your own twist on whatever you’re doing. You actually might find that the smallest change makes a huge difference, but either way, you’ll need to separate yourself from the crowd.

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