7 hidden benefits of this drink

Sean BowerAre you a coffee drinker? How do you take your coffee? How many cups a day do you drink?

It’s interesting to think that there’s been a cloud of uncertainty surrounding the robust black cup of liquid that gives so many Americans a boost of energy every morning.

But now we’re finally starting to realize just how good coffee can be for us, including these 7 hidden benefits…

I should preface the meat of this article by saying that I’m talking about black coffee. Obviously adding cream and sugar to your morning and afternoon cup of Joe will make it less healthy, so consider the transition to drinking black coffee if you don’t already.

And when you do, you could gain all of these hidden benefits…

1. Metabolism boost

Although you shouldn’t expect to be able to trade in your daily workout for a few cups, coffee is actually one of the few natural fat burners. In fact, coffee is found in nearly every weight loss supplement, and can boost metabolism by up to 11%.

2. Healthier liver

Studies have shown that drinking 4 cups of coffee or more actually decreases your chances of developing liver cancer by as much as 40%, and even gives you as much as 80% better odds of avoiding cirrhosis of the liver.

3. Lower risk of Parkinson’s

Regular coffee drinkers also have the amazing benefit of having as much as a 60% reduced chance of developing Parkinson’s. This disease has a lot to do with dipping dopamine levels, and coffee actually boosts dopamine levels in the brain!

4. Calming affect

Feel better after a cup of coffee in the morning? It’s not that coffee has magical powers (although it can feel like it). It actually has something to do with protein in the brain – coffee helps the brain deal with stress, especially stress from sleep deprivation, and makes you feel calmer.

5. Natural cleansing

As a natural diuretic, coffee helps you urinate more often, which keeps your system cleansed by flushing out the unwanted stuff in your body, like bacteria.

6. Fight depression

Coffee can literally be a lifesaver. By increasing dopamine levels, regular black coffee drinkers have up to a 20% less chance of becoming depressed and are 50% less likely to commit suicide according to studies.

7. Reduces risk of heart disease and certain cancers

Without getting into the science of it all (please feel free to research on your own), black coffee reduces your risk of being diagnosed with all of these: heart disease, colorectal cancer, skin cancer, and liver cancer.

That’s pretty incredible for something you could be drinking every day, isn’t it?

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