A Million in the Bank

If you had a million in the bank right now, what would you buy?

What if you knew for sure you could spend most of that million and get it all back again?

What you buy a mansion? A big boat? A sports car?

Or all 3?! It’s completely possible if you know how to generate a million dollars over and over again.

That’s where this special formula comes in…

Picture checking your bank account and seeing 7 digits.

Your 10 steps to a million-dollar retirement is built on the power of compounding AND cutting off your retirement fund manager completely.

Let’s start with the compounding concept:

Say you had a $1,000 investment and made a 60% gain on it ($600)—what would be the best thing for you to do with that extra $600?

Most people would use it for bills or shopping… but with the power of compounding on your side, you’ll see that the best thing to do with that money is reinvest it.

If you made 60% on your money per year, which is entirely possible with what I’m about to reveal, you’d have turned $10,000 into a million in 10 years.

Let’s stack this investment strategy up next to your traditional fund manager’s… I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt that they can match the market’s more recent 9% average—even though we both know most fund managers are incapable of achieving that.

                        Traditional Retirement Fund      10 Steps Fund

Initial Investment      $10,000                                  $10,000

Year 1                         $10,900                                  $16,000

Year 2                         $11,881                                  $25,600

Year 3                        $12,950                                  $40,960

Year 4                         $14,116                                  $65,536

Year 5                         $15,386                                  $104,858

Year 6                         $16,771                                  $167,773

Year 7                         $18,280                                  $268,437

Year 8                         $19,925                                  $429,499

Year 9                         $21,718                                  $687,198

Year 10                      $23,673                                  $1,099,517

As you can see, this is a no brainier. The 10 Steps fund outperformed your traditional fund manager by 4,544% over 10 years!

How does retiring with a $1,099,517 balance sound compared to $23,673?

So, you’re probably asking: if this is so easy, why isn’t everybody dumping their fund managers and hopping on board?

Well, that’s because fund managers are great salespeople.

They know every trick in the book that’ll convince you to keep your money with them… it’s what they’re trained to do.

But if you take the not-so-risky leap and leave them for greener pastures, you’ll immediately start reaping those rewards!

That’s what my Midas Premium subscribers are seeing, at least.

In fact, they’re beating those measly numbers I listed above. The last portfolio check-in saw them up over 600% in the past year alone!

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