Automated income at your fingertips

There’s a single thing standing in between you and an automated income…

I’m talking about an income that runs by itself—day and night, around the clock. It’s an income that inflates your bank account, even when you’re sleeping.

But unless you get past that one thing standing in the way, you’ll never achieve that income.

So, what is that one thing standing in your way and how do you get past it…?

Let’s start with the one thing standing in between you and an automated income… what is it exactly?

It’s that ONE product that people will pay you for, over and over again. This is what stops 99% of people from kickstarting passive income, and reaching freedom from every financial burden you experience every day.

To start, consider why anyone anywhere would buy anything. It always comes down to one of two simple reasons:

1. WANT.

They want the product.

2. NEED.

They need the product.

If you currently owned a business and had the choice between a product people WANT and a product people NEED, which would you choose?

As an entrepreneur, it’s important for you to understand the fundamental difference between wants and needs, and how that impacts your relationship with the marketplace.

So, place yourself in the shoes of the consumer.

You WANT a new pair of shoes you saw in a shop window. You WANT that shiny boat you just saw a commercial for. You WANT juicy hamburger displayed on the billboard you just drove past.

But you don’t NEED those things.

So, you may very well have some extra cash on hand to splurge on the shoes or boat, and to fill your stomach…but you don’t NEED any of those things.

You NEED that medicine to heal your ailments. You NEED food to survive. You NEED shelter.

See the difference?

One way or another, you MUST purchase those things you NEED to be able to live a life with even the most basic levels of comfort.

And for clarification when it comes to the food you WANT example versus the food you NEED example, you NEED some form of food, you don’t necessarily NEED the double bacon and cheese monster burger from Fast Food Restaurant ABC…although we all WANT that from time to time.

So, while you can clearly build a business that pays you very, very well based on a WANT, the type of product you’d prefer addresses a NEED.

More specifically, you want a product that fulfils a need that will likely last forever, such as the NEED for food.

With a NEED product, you have everything you need (no pun intended) to start receiving that automated income forever!

It takes just 4 simple steps:

1. Obtaining your NEED product – As you’ll see in just a moment, I’m going to give you an opportunity to get this…

2. Tell the people who NEED this product that you have it.

3. Sell it to them.

4. Systemize the process with a 1-2-3-step guide, and pay someone a fraction of the income you’re receiving to do it all for you…

Automated income for life!

Now onto this good stuff…

I’m in the business of NEED products. People NEED money, don’t they?

That’s why you’re here reading my business-building articles. You don’t just WANT money, you NEED it.

So, how would you like to help yourself to boatloads of cash, while helping people get the money they NEED?

That’s what the 8th Annual Wealth Summit is all about. Our flagship, annual virtual seminar is upon us once again, and this time I’m leaving no stone unturned.

I’m handing out some incredible automated, revolutionary moneymaking systems for next to nothing…

And this time, you actually can get everything for NOTHING. I’m talking about a $0 ticket to get EVERYTHING included.

All you have to do is spread the word. You see, if you claim your ticket, and start spreading the word with materials I’ll provide, each person you get to come to the event will get you $200 back.

There is no minimum for this payout, so it is up to you how big of a discount you want off your ticket. Let’s say you get 2 people to come… that’s $400 cash back in your pocket. 5 people? $1,000 cash back in your pocket. If you get 10 people to come to the event, you will receive your full $1,997 back. Get 20 people to come, and you’ll get…

A FREE ticket AND a check for $2,000.

Talk about setting yourself up for success.

If you’re ready to provide people with a product they NEED (the Annual Wealth Summit), then click here to secure your place and receive all the materials you need.

I look forward to speaking to you at that virtual meeting.

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