Best jobs to have entering retirement

Jim_SamsonIt’s no secret that growing older has an affect on our ability to do certain things, both physically and cognitively.

And ignoring that natural truth could end up with you unable to perform in the career path you chose due to these age-related declines. Yet we will continue to do certain things successfully into our latter years as well.

Facing these facts and preparing accordingly can be the difference between a happy, healthy retirement and an ending that isn’t quite so rosy. So here’s what to consider in order to pick out the best job for you to hold as you approach and enter retirement…

The first and most obvious thing to note regarding this topic is that blue-collar jobs will become more and more difficult to complete with efficiency. This is a simple consequence of the physical deterioration of our bodies.

However, a blue-collar job would also be less susceptible to age-related declines in performance, and thus lesser success, than the performance-based cognitive jobs, such as an airline pilot.

So while an airline pilot would earn more than a janitor on average, the pilot would be much more likely to be forced from his position due to a decline in ability than the janitor, who could keep that position into retirement in most cases.

And although we can’t do anything about the loss of certain physical, sensory, or cognitive performance, it’s good to know that things like comprehension, math skills, and vocabulary can be maintained or even improved into old age.

That means a professor could thrive as he or she enters retirement while a truck driver may struggle due to deteriorating night vision.

Another note to make here is that motivation can also be a casualty of growing older. This is especially true for jobs in which you aren’t regularly happy, so this has to be included in the consideration for what sort of work to do as you approach retirement.

In the end, we’re all pushed to certain types of jobs based on capacity, specialized skill, opportunity, etc., but understanding what sort of jobs give you the best chance to continue building your nest egg as you age will only help to provide you with the best chance at securing the retirement you want.

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