Better than stocks: your easiest handsfree income EVER

For investors, 2018 has been an interesting time.

From the incredible volatility of the stock market, to the cryptocurrency craze, many average joe investors are feeling lost and frustrated.

Luckily for you, I have the solution!

One industry is so hot right now you’d be crazy to not consider it…with better returns than the stock market, more demand than ever before, and greater longevity than nearly any other industry, it’s a big win.

So what big money-making industry am I talking about?

The answer is simple, and probably one you’re familiar with: real estate.

So, what’s making real estate SUCH an attractive investment opportunity right now?

Well there are several factors coming together to make right now the BEST (and most lucrative) time to be a rental property owner.

The first factor I’ll mention is the increasing rate of Americans choosing to rent instead of own.

That rate increase is due to higher poverty rates amongst millennials (the newest generation to reach typical homeowner age), as well as millennials waiting longer and longer to get married, which would typically be a driving force behind buying a home.

Right now, 30% of Americans are choosing to rent their homes instead of buy, which has pushed the demand for rental properties way up.

That’s great news for you, since you’re practically guaranteed you’ll be able to find tenants, which is always one of the biggest concerns for rental owners.

Another factor making rental properties such an appealing investment is all of the new technology popping up.

Thanks to innovations from artificial intelligence (AI) to new methods of communication, technology has allowed landlords and real estate investors to self-manage.

That is a massive advantage in an industry that previously required the expensive hiring of a property manager if you wanted to have any kind of life outside of your rentals.

The point of buying these rental properties is to add a new source of income on top of your primary job.

However, for far too long owning a rental property entailed humongous amounts of work on the part of the owner, from finding tenants, running background checks, collecting rents, paying mortgages, conducting repairs, etc.

For owners who couldn’t provide that kind of time commitment, they had to hire property managers to do it for them, which ate considerably into any potential profits.

Now, thanks to technology, managing a property can be done by just about anyone.

Dozens of websites, from craigslist to Zillow, make finding tenants easier (and more automatic) than ever before.

Background checks can be conducted quickly and easily online and rent payments can also be done automatically through payment software.

Virtual technologies allow you to connect with your tenants in real time, even if you’re not there, and can allow you to manage any issues that arise no matter where you are at the time.

Now you no longer have to either hire a property manager or make land-lording your full-time job—you can have the best of both worlds, and make a second income without putting forth any extra work.

The other factors contributing to making rental property so lucrative are ones that have always existed.

Real estate has long been seen as one of the most sustainable investments around.

This is largely due to the longevity of such an investment, with rental properties adding serious long-term investment opportunities to your portfolio.

Even better, owning a rental property provides you with a tangible asset, and you can use your property to take part in various tax deductions.

By investing in rental properties you create a passive cash flow, and your investment has great opportunity to significantly increase in value over time (while you’re already making money).

In fact, on average rental properties give you a better return on investment (ROI) than the stock market!

The average annual return of the S & P 500 is 7-8%, while the average ROI of a rental property is 9%, and often even higher.

So, if you’re looking for an easy additional income stream, investing in rental properties could be the perfect place for you to start!

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