The next big housing trend

Jim_SamsonWhether you’re looking to buy, sell, or simply update your home, you need to be locked in to the newest housing trends all the time.

If and when you’re able to be one of the first people to spot the next big ‘thing’, you instantly gain an advantage no matter what your goal is.

Luckily, we’re catching this trend at the very beginning…

Are you someone in any one of these positions right now:

  • Looking to buy a house to live in?
  • Looking to buy a house as an investment to flip?
  • Looking to sell your house?
  • Just want to update your current place of residence?

No matter what situation you’re in right now, and no matter what your plans are going forward, knowing the next big housing trend could give you more money in your pocket, more efficiency in your home, and more enjoyment from day to day.

Please allow me to explain…

Think about where pretty much every aspect of society is headed.

The way we communicate is evolving with technology – letters turned to emails and phones and text messages. The phones we now have fit in our pocket and are basically tiny computers!

We can now have meetings online, people can work for the same office from thousands of miles away, and business has been completely revolutionized due to technology.

The newest watches are now even connected to the Internet!

Now it’s time for our homes to become “Smart-homes.”

We’re clearly in the beginning stages of the smart-home age, and that means there’s an opportunity to give your home an upgrade that will make it stand out from the rest.

So what does ‘smart-home’ mean exactly?

A smart-home is connects your tech to your home in various ways…

  • You could sync your door locks to your phone so you can control them without needing a key.
  • You could smart washers and dryers that are connected to the rest of the home and only when energy rates are lowest.
  • You could have a thermostat that saves you money by cutting energy usage based on your usage habits.
  • You could upgrade your refrigerator with smart tech that tells you temperature levels, the contents of the fridge if you simply scan the barcode of an item when you put it in, and other useful information.

The point is that virtually everything in your home can be upgraded and fitted with new technology that will give your more efficiency, opportunity, and cost-savings.

And that, is the next big housing trend.

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