The biggest myth of entrepreneurship

Jim_SamsonThere’s a misconception about entrepreneurship that, in my opinion, is the primary reason why most people never chase their dreams of becoming their own boss and being self-sufficient.

But it’s completely false in virtually every single situation.

Here’s the biggest myth of entrepreneurship, and why you could start your journey toward self-sufficiency today…

If you haven’t already taken that first step to becoming an entrepreneur (I know that you might be on the fence about it as we speak), I have one simple question for you…


I suspect your answer might be something similar to this…

I want to chase my entrepreneurial dreams, but I don’t want to risk everything, find out it’s not for me or mess up, and then lose all I have now.

Whether you have a brand new idea or have access to a proven entrepreneurial opportunity like we offer, the notion that you have to put it all on the line and take a leap of faith is completely false!

While you might have to spend a little money to start out (depending on what sort of path you’re taking), you don’t have to quit your job, you don’t have to use up your life savings, and you don’t have to see instant profits to be successful.

For almost all entrepreneurial projects, you can start by utilizing your free time on the weekends or even at nights (or whenever you’re not a work).

By the same token, you will likely be able to start very small.

Spend the smallest amount of money you can to get a feel for how your idea or business model works. Also, test with small amounts as much as possible in order to maximize your efforts as you go.

Before I go I want to mention that if you are looking to begin the journey to entrepreneurship, get ready for a special opportunity that we will soon be bringing straight to YOU, called The Midas Circle.

It’s specially designed to make YOU an entrepreneur, so look out for it in the coming weeks when it becomes available.

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