The one step cure to workplace woes

If you feel insecure or unhappy in your job, you aren’t alone. On average, about 80% of the American workforce (103.4 million people) are not enthusiastic about their workplace tasks and goals.

But in just one easy step, I can tell you how to guarantee that your job makes you feel fulfilled.

If you want to enjoy going to work and feel that your company works to make you as successful as you make it, all you have to do is take my advice.

Did you know that if you work until the age of 60, you will spend the equivalent of 4,806 24-hour days of your life working?

That’s over 13 years.

In comparison, you’ll probably average only 328 days of your life—less than one year—socializing with friends.

That means you spend more than 14 times as much of your life at work as you do with your friends!

With so much time spent at the office, it seems only fair that the office gives you something in return.

Sure, you get a paycheck at the end of every month, but this is 115,344 hours of your life we’re talking about!

You need more than just financial compensation to make a job worth your time.

In a recent study of 23,000 American employees from various companies and industries recorded that only 20% of workers trusted their companies.

And what is the number one cause for suspicion?

I’ll tell you: the unknown.

More often that not, companies fail to give their employees a well-rounded understanding of every element of the business. In addition, bosses easily become distant, unrelatable figures to employees.

This makes the company feel unknown and unwelcoming, which then makes you feel untrusting.

This mistrust leads to discomfort and unhappiness, and then you are left feeling disenchanted at work.

But there is a one step solution that can change everything.


You need the confidence to ask questions about the company.

You need the confidence to strike up a conversation with your boss, because as soon as you find something that you have in common, or even just something he or she is passionate about, suddenly the boss becomes a real person, maybe even someone you would enjoy knowing personally.

Likewise, if you have the confidence to seek clarification, you’ll walk away feeling more competent about doing your job and doing it well.

Often times, employers don’t even realize they are neglecting to fill in holes in knowledge. Because they know the company inside and out, sometimes they skim over important knowledge without realizing it.

But, if you have the confidence to ask questions, you will see your entire perception of your job change.

Plus, as you practice confidence, the trait grows. Soon, instead of just asking what the point of a specific procedure is, you’ll be asking for more vacation time, a raise, or even a promotion.

With a little bit of confidence, you empower yourself and ensure that your job is a happy, fulfilling environment.

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