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MarkedwardsA concept I like to talk about is something I call your “Big Picture Health”. Your Big Picture Health is a result of a ‘sum of the parts’ program and I want to talk about an important part today…

I like to refer to this particular part of Big Picture Health as the little miracles of nature because they can do so much for the body.

Let me tell you exactly what I’m talking about, and 1 simple change to make to your diet that will be exponentially beneficial…

The little miracles of nature I’m referring to are trace minerals.

Big things start from small beginnings. The amount of trace minerals you need would fit on the tip of a pen, yet they’re rare to find in our diets. But they are CRITICAL for life. Without these, we simply degenerate. But these tiny little minerals, if taken correctly and are absorbed into your body, will come to the rescue.

Your body is made up of cells, and they’re constantly under attack by invading armies. If the cell walls are breached, the invaders take the cell, and we get sick. If absorbed, trace minerals get inside the cells, fortify those cell walls, and push off the invading army’s siege towers.

So the first step then is ABSORPTION. You can eat the very best food and supplements on the planet, but it won’t matter a tiny bit if none of it is absorbed! You may have noticed that supplement packaging often suggests that you drink plenty of water. This isn’t necessarily just hype, it’s crucial to absorption.

See, water makes your body less acidic, and high acidity in your body is the worst possible thing if you want absorption. It’s an accepted fact that cancer needs an acidic body to grow in. Needless to say, our typical western diet is very conducive to high acidity in the body.

Okay, so assuming your acidity is in balance, and you’re using a quality manufacturer (as always!) here are the most powerful trace minerals:

Copper– for heart health and cholesterol.

Potassium– for blood pressure

Zinc– you see this in a lot of cold remedies. Zinc deficiency has been linked to Crohn’s disease and fibromyalgia.

Sodium– keeps the body hydrated.

Silica– for blood and bones.

Iodine– for thyroid function.

Chromium– blood sugar regulation.

Manganese– blood sugar and bones.

Cobalt– for red blood cells (transport of nutrients).

Boron– for bones.

Take a look through that list. Can you spot the symptoms of a lot of diseases there? This is what I mean by Big Picture Health…

In a former life I was an airline captain, and every 6 months they’d put us on the simulator to torture us with a number of systems failures (stay with me, I promise this is going somewhere relevant). An airliner isn’t so different from the human body; it’s a jumble of wires and complex circuitry.

A common scenario the trainers liked to give us was a failure of one of the two generators (this was a Boeing 737). When a generator drops offline, understandably, a variety of warning lights illuminate as so many things are affected by this partial loss of electrical power.

The point of this exercise was to see what you would do in the face of so many lights flashing at you. The WRONG thing to do is deal with each of the warning lights in isolation. Those lights are just SYMPTOMS. The correct procedure is to identify to ROOT CAUSE.

If you stopped and thought, sure enough, you’d see that one of the generators had popped offline, and all you had to do to make all those scary warning lights go out was to click it back on again.

If you seem to be bombarded with all manner of diseases, think about Big Picture Health. And trace minerals are the perfect place to start.

To close, here’s the easiest and most painless resolution you’ll ever make: use Xylitol instead of sugar. You can find it in any health food store.

It looks like sugar, it feels like sugar, and it tastes like sugar. Only it’s a natural plant extract. Personally, I prefer this to the widely-publicized Stevia. I find Stevia has an odd taste to it. What’s more, Xylitol actually alkalises the mouth, so unlike sugar, it’s actually good for your teeth because as we said, acidity is what bacteria need, and bacteria cause tooth decay.

So make the switch off of sugar as a BIG step toward better health.

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