Burn your resolutions… here’s the secret for a successful 2022

Do you remember this time last year?

We were all thankful the dreadful days of 2020 were at an end, and we were making New Year’s resolutions for 2021?

How many of those resolutions did you fulfill?

Did you write them down to cross them off?

Did you tell friends about them to hold yourself accountable?

On average, only 7% of people successfully stick to their New Year’s resolutions. That’s why I’m telling you to burn your New Year’s resolutions and try this…

I’ll be honest with you.

New Year’s resolutions are cliché.

The idea behind them is great, but for some reason 93% of people are destined to fail.

But we keep making them.

We keep making them because we find ourselves in the same place we were the year before. So, we hope making New Year’s resolutions will save us next year.

The truth is they probably won’t.

But that doesn’t mean you should be giving up on your goals.

I’m not here to advocate that one bit.

In fact, I’m here to tell you make clearer and better goals.

People who make New Year’s resolutions feel they’ve done their part in planning for a successful year.

It’s the lazy way out… But when you’re lazy, the results are poor.

So, here’s what I propose.

First of all, burn your resolutions. Wipe them clean from your mind.

After that, let’s start out with a success roadmap.

Take out a piece of paper and write down the following (leaving 2-3 lines between):

Week 1:

Week 2:

Month 1:

Month 2:

Month 6:

Month 9:

Month 12:

Now under each one, write what you would like to accomplish by the end of it.

For example, if your overall goal for 2022 is to save up/make $20,000, what will it take in week 1 to do that? Month 1? Month 6, 9, and 12?

Hold yourself accountable in baby steps. You may find yourself taking 1 or 2 steps back throughout the year, but as long as you are taking steps toward your goal, you’re doing better than 93% of the population.

Let’s say you hit that $20,000 goal in June of 2023 because you fell short when you reached a milestone or two.

That’s better than never achieving that goal like most people who make New Year’s resolutions, right?

I’m not saying you should take it easy and tell yourself it’s okay to miss deadlines – I’m just saying it shouldn’t shut down all the progress you’ve made.

Once New Year’s resolutions are broken, everything goes out the window. These milestones are like checkpoints. If you encounter failure, just step back to the previous one and regroup.

Forget New Year’s resolutions and start making actual change in your life.

You’ll be where you need to be on the other side.

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