The One Company Hackers Fear the Most

TomAndersonThe country was shocked in December when Target experienced a massive data breach that exposed up to 100 million credit and debit customer accounts. There is one technology company that could have stopped those hacker attacks and now is the perfect time to jump on its stock.

Over the last 45 days, technology and biotech stocks have come under a huge amount of pressure. This frothy sell off shakes out the people who haven’t done their homework and leaves bargains for the rest of us. Times like this can seem scary but chance favors the prepared and we, here at Midas Legacy, want you to be prepared to harvest profits when the time is right.

When valuations come back to earth, this is the perfect time to load up on companies that have good fundamentals but the price may have run away from you. Where do you find those companies?  Look at the industries that people are forced to spend on. In the case of consumers, mobile phones has been at the top of the list but in the case of corporate spending, Data Security has quickly risen to the top of the food chain.

In the last year, we have seen some of the top companies in the Fortune 500 compromised by foreign hackers looking for personal financial information, launching denial of service attacks or spying on people’s electronic communications. The network intrusion attacks are the most difficult to detect and can result in hackers walking through a corporate network for weeks or months before they are detected.  Imagine a burglar entering your house and walking around for days before stealing the goods.

There is only one company that stands out when trying to circumvent these attacks. This vendor offers a combination of network services and event tracking tools to make correlations between combinations of events. This is a difficult system to develop and implement so the company gets paid for consulting services as well as the tools that monitor the network.

Along with difficulty comes price. This company’s products and services are not cheap but like an insurance payment, Chief Technology Officers are forced to pay up because the penalty for a mistake is job loss. It was revealed that Target had this system implemented and ignored the warning signs that the network was compromised then just weeks later, the CTO was forced to resign. Is it worth spending budget dollars for this kind of job insurance policy?

Even though the company has all of these positives going for it, the stock is trading near its Year to Date lows. Why? Because it’s going through a merger that is obscuring the true earnings potential of the company. This controversy is what can make you Jackpot profits by investing at the right time.

This company rescued the New York Times from cyber attacks launched by the Chinese military. It also helped Target sort through its issues with overseas hackers trolling for credit card information.

I’d like to tell you the name of the company but we need to reserve that for our subscribers. You may even be able to figure it out with the clues we’ve provided but timing will be critical as well. Seeing the dynamics will drive the stock price higher is easier than pulling the trigger and being right on the timing as well can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

In our subscription service, Tech Stock Jackpot, we will provide you with the individual investments as well as the actual buy and sell orders to maximize your earnings power.

Happy Investing!

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