Earn a living from the comfort of your own home!

Do you wish you had a job that didn’t require a traffic-filled daily commute?

Do you wish you could assign your own hours, and maintain control over your daily schedule?

Do you ever feel like your current job, even ignoring all the technical frustrations, just isn’t enough to make you feel fulfilled?

If so, it may be time to hang up your suit for good and stick to sweatpants!

That’s right, you can make your living from the comfort of your own home—and you can do it in an industry that is considered one of the most important sectors of society.

What is this incredible job?

Online teaching!

In recent years, online education has exploded, with dozens of websites and programs cropping up to teach everything from secondary school to languages to art.

There are online schools and individual classes, and there are tons of supporting tutoring websites to help all students, no matter where they are receiving their schooling.

Websites like Varsity Tutors, iTalkie.com, Education First, Tutor ABC, and iTutor Group (just to name a few) are some of the most popular companies offering online classes and tutoring to students of all levels and subjects.

Plus, virtual schools are always in need of new teachers, and for any of these positions, you have versatility in your schedule that can’t be beat.

Depending on your experience and whether you tutor or teach, your pay rate may vary, but the absolute minimum you will make hovers around $15 an hour. However, many companies offer better rates than this, with pay reaching as high as $25 an hour, just for teaching basic English, Math, or Science!

Plus, once you know your materials, there are other opportunities to profit off of your online-teaching prowess.

A number of websites will pay contributors to write up course study guides, summaries, essays, and the like for students to use as resources. For most of these websites, payment starts at around $10 per study guide, and can go as high as $50 per essay/summary completed.

Many people love the idea of teaching, and why wouldn’t you? You have the chance to contribute to society, you get to engage with interesting people who are eager to learn, and you get to learn along the way for yourself as well.

However, people are often deterred from the world of teaching out of fear of maintaining command in the classroom, or out of concern for finances.

But, with online teaching, you never have to worry about holding the attention of the entire room—you get to work one on one with your students via email and phone call.

And as far as the money side of things go, you may not be making a million bucks, but you are making a fair amount for a job where you get to work from your couch, and since you get to decide your own hours, you have a potential to make tons if you take on the appropriate hours.

Plus, with online teaching, you open the door to secondary incomes through other online study sources that you can provide information for.

There are a thousand possibilities—you can even start your own tutoring business! If you have a little bit of computer knowledge and an entrepreneurial spirit, you can open your own tutoring service, offering whatever interests you most and charging whatever you deem appropriate.

With online education growing at an exponential rate, there is an unprecedented demand for teachers and tutors on the web. If you jump in now, not only will you escape the office, but you will also be in on a huge industry at the ground floor.

What are you waiting for?!

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  1. Harvey Birdseye

    The summary is exactly right. I have done secondary education, college and industrial education working with adult learners…who often fear failure. With great success, I must add.


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