Easily Destress Your Life with These Natural Remedies

Speaking in public, running late to work, receiving unexpected bills—these are some events that can send your stress levels through the roof.

Your body reacts to dramatic and highly stressful events in different way, but there’s not always an obvious fix—at least not a quick one.

I’m not here to tell you that you can destress your life overnight, but I do have some natural remedies that work wonders for the harmful side effects of stress…

Moments after your body goes into stress response mode your body creates new biochemical pathways, caused by the chemical influx. This disrupts your body’s natural balance- aka homeostasis.

This normally isn’t harmful, but if your body remains in that stressed state for a lengthy period, the stress becomes chronic. And that’s when it can do an enormous amount of damage:

Stress Damage: Obesity

Chronic stress causes overproduction of the hormone glucocorticoid and cortisol.

The body attempts to regulate itself by increasing the desire to eat foods that are high in fat and sugar. In other words, comfort foods. Instead of regaining homeostasis, the extra food is converted into fat.

Not only does this cause weight gain, but it can also elevate to the point where the amplified need to eat food becomes a disorder called reactional hyperphagia.

Ironically, this is often a side effect of going on a diet, where stress is common.

Natural Solution:

Saffron is a spice, and saffron extract curbs the compulsion to stress-eat by naturally increasing dwindling serotonin levels.

It also produces the same feeling of happiness that occurs when you satisfy a certain food craving.

That’s right, saffron extract can make you feel full and happy- the way a tasty piece of chocolate cake can- without ingesting the extra calories!

Stress Damage: DNA damage

DNA molecules have protective tops called telomeres. Telomeres keep the DNA safe from deterioration.

However, each time a strand of DNA divides, the telomeres become shorter and shorter until they are so small that they are no longer functional, causing the cell to die. Stress drastically speeds up telomere shortening.

When enough cells die, the entire body soon follows…

Natural Solution:

Telomere lengthening and durability has been a proven outcome of increased omega-3 intake.

People that took it also reported an increase in happiness and a huge decrease in feelings of stress.

The best source for this healthy fatty acid is in fish oil supplements.

Although it is not widely understood why this increases telomere length, it is theorized that that the balance of omega-3 to omega-6 fats in the blood stream plays a crucial role.

Stress Damage: Heart attack

As I’ve explained, it is crucial that the body remains in homeostasis, which is impossible under chronic stress. It is especially important for the heart; without it working properly, nutrients and oxygen have no way of getting to your body’s cells.

Chronic stress can decrease blood flow. This can result in a myocardial infraction- better known as a heart attack.

Natural Solution:

Cordyceps is a mushroom that comes from China. It has been used for a long time by healers.

It can prevent heart attacks by dilating the aorta, which helps get much-needed oxygen to the heart during times of stress. It has also been shown to decrease high blood pressure in the same way.

Cordyceps extract is so beneficial to blood pressure and the heart that Olympic athletes commonly use it to recover from the stress of training and competition.

Stress Damage: Anxiety

While stress is a reaction to something physical, anxiety is a reaction to our thoughts.

Chronic stress causes an extended production of adrenaline, which completely exhausts the body. This adrenaline influx stops the body from achieving homeostasis.

The body loses the ability to produce the proper amount of serotonin.

Serotonin is the body’s way of calming you down. If there isn’t enough serotonin, your mind starts to race and produce irrational thoughts.

This, combined with a lack of calming hormones and an imbalanced nervous system, is a major cause of anxiety.

Natural Solution:

Most people resort to Xanax- which is full of chemicals and can lead to addiction.

Holy Basil is a plant that has been around for centuries. It has been proven to relax the mind and regulate hormone overproduction- the perfect remedy for relieving anxiety.

Even better, taking this plant on an on-going basis can stop anxiety in its tracks by reducing the number of hormones that lead to anxiety in the first place.

So, stop worrying about your stress- it only makes it worse! Be proactive instead and choose wellbeing over aggravation.

These natural remedies could change your life for good… and even extend it so you can get the joy you deserve!

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