Easily shave 3 YEARS off your retirement date

A lot can happen over the course of 3 years… just think back to 2015 and try to remember everything that’s changed since then.

We have a new President, students who were freshmen in college then are close to graduating or have a degree to show for it now. I’m sure you even know a few lovebirds who managed to get married within this time frame.

My point is that 3 years is a long time and if you’re interested in entering into retirement this much sooner, then I’m about to show you a shortcut to doing just that!

Believe it or not, the BEST employee benefit is the one you may not have heard of.

Did you know that 79% of employers either currently offer or are in the process of creating a benefit that let’s their workers retire about 3 years earlier!

It’s called the financial wellness benefit.

Recent studies show that moderate improvements in financial health could actually make you eligible for an early retirement!

The thing is, making an effort to plan for the future and build some sort of retirement savings is often at the bottom of the priority list.

Instead, most people are focused on paying off debt, buying a home, starting a family, staying on top of bills or simply living in the now and enjoying life.

And it’s hard to blame them…

But getting ahead of the curve and tackling financial setbacks can pay off in the long run.

If you can discipline yourself enough to save just a little bit more now, you can effectively supercharge your 401(k) to the point where you’re able to retire YEARS earlier!

Without getting into all the details, just know that this works through additional contributions and the effect of time on compounded investment returns.

Why not buy yourself more time to freely go about life doing the things you love?

As I mentioned, 3 years is a long time. You can either spend it sitting behind a desk at the office or relaxing on a beach without a worry in the world.

The choice is yours, but if you’re serious about retiring sooner, then I suggest taking advantage of this financial wellness benefit ASAP!

The odds are in your favor that your current employer offers this benefit. So, what’s holding you back from shaving years off your expected retirement date?

Make an effort to get your money in order today so you can qualify and take full advantage of this employee benefit that so often flies under the radar.

With that said, talk to your employer about the financial wellness benefit and see how you can easily use it as a shortcut to your retirement.

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