Get paid for the life you’ve already led

Most people looking to make money can’t see the forest for the trees…

I’ve been guilty of it before, but recently I’ve come across a business idea that gets you paid for the life you’ve already led.

And it’s all thanks to your experience.

Experience in what? You might ask…

I’m talking about general life experience making you cold hard cash…

In all my experience, I find the age group that are most eager to make money off a side business are people who are 50+.

But most of them have no clue where to start.

Whether you’re in that age range or approaching it, you probably know exactly what I mean.

You feel technology is passing you by, and the younger generations are moving too fast for you to get your foot in the door of any new business.

Well, this business idea is not available to the younger generations.

Or at least, it’s not viable for them to try.

What I’m talking about is turning your years of life experience into a business.

And the experience you have isn’t something some 20-year-old can code up on a computer.

It’s unique to you, and that means it’s worth some money.

So, how do you turn that experience into cash?

You become a life coach.

You may be surprised to hear that the average pay for a life coach is $31.89 an hour!

That’s over $65k a year!

But the more experience you have, the more you can charge (which means the less you have to do).

It’s not hard to get started either.

There are a lot of people looking to improve their life and avoid costly mistakes.

You can start cheap with your marketing by starting local.

You just have to make sure you present yourself as an expert in the field… of life.

Think about the experiences you’ve been through and the mistakes you’ve made.

Use those stories and put up flyers around places like the library and book stores (you know the clientele in these places want to learn).

Get used to the idea of calling yourself coach.

If you take on the role, your confidence will shine.

And the best part is, you only need 1 client to start the snowball effect.

If you can help one client out, you can then encourage them to refer you to their friends and colleagues in exchange for a free or discounted session.

There’s no better marketing or testimonial than a happy customer telling people about their positive experience with you.

So, forget about all the headaches that come with trying to start a revolutionary business…

Simply use your life experience and help improve the lives of others, all while getting paid!

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