Get Paid to be Happy

99% of people work to make others happy.

Think about it… the grocery clerk works to make the store owner and customers happy; the car salesman works to make his boss happy; the financial adviser works to make her clients happy.

But when do YOU get to be happy?

After a hard day’s work when you’re too exhausted to be happy?

The only people that are truly happy are those that feel they’re in control of their time.

But what if I told you that you could get paid to be happy?

Whether you know it or not, happiness is everybody’s goal.

You want money? It’s just a means to make you happy.

You want fame? It’s just a means to make you happy.

You want success? It’s just a means to make you happy.

I’ve met janitors that are happier than CEOs.

In fact, it’s quite common.


Because while the CEOs are wealthy in money, these janitors are wealthy in happiness.

It’s ALL about your mindset.

And the right mindset will get you paid to be happy.

Here’s how…

Ask yourself, what makes you happy every day?

It can be the littlest thing.

Do you smile when you sip your cup of coffee? You can get paid for it.

Does it make you happy taking your dog for a walk? You can get paid for it.

Do you find joy in completing the crossword in the morning? You can get paid for it.

The truth is you can get paid for almost anything nowadays. But the most important thing is don’t worry about the pay in the beginning.

Most people throw their joy to the side because they see bigger dollar signs elsewhere.

While the job that makes you happy might not pay much in the beginning, your happiness will drive you to bigger and better positions in that field.

PLUS, you’re getting paid in happiness also. Which is 100% a commodity.

So, if sipping coffee makes you happy, find a job in the coffee industry.

If walking your dog makes you happy, join a dog walking service to walk other people’s dogs while they’re out (there are plenty of growing companies that do this now!).

If you enjoy completing the crossword, inquire about a job in creating those crosswords.

Don’t overlook the little things that make you happy, because in the long run, they could be your ticket to happiness and financial freedom.

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