Giving this away can make YOU millions

Jim_SamsonI’ll bet that a good number of people reading this are only doing so to see how far I’ve flown off the handle after reading the title, ”Get rich by giving things away.”

I can hear the questions already, “How can anyone make money by giving something away for free? It isn’t possible, is it?”

It is possible, and I’m living proof of it. But I’m not the only one.

You see, when you know the simple blueprint for using “free” to make money, becoming wealthy is just a matter of time…

Before even I did, my mentor knew the power of giving things away. It made him wealthier than I’m sure he ever imagined, and it’s done the same for me. In fact, it’s made me millions.

It’s also done the same for many others who’ve discovered the blueprint I’m about to share with you.

That’s how I know that virtually anyone has the opportunity to gain a fortune by giving things away.

Here’s the blueprint…

First, you need something to give away, right? Well, the best product mixture of valuable and easy/cheap to create is information. This information can come in the form of an eBook, a report, a manual, etc.

Even if you don’t think you have the knowledge on a topic to create an information product right now, you can either read a book on that topic and simplify it for your potential readers OR just purchase a ready-to-go information product with resale rights.

But remember, this information product HAS to be a good product in its own right. Just because you’ll be giving it away for free doesn’t mean it can be worthless.

Make sure it will provide useful, quality content to readers.

Second, give it away.

I know, I know. This will go against every fiber of your being as a hungry entrepreneur. Trust me right now.

Look at these two examples and pick which one would be more attractive to you:

Example 1:

Sign up for my website,, to see products about starting a business!

Example 2:

Click here to claim the special report, “How to start your profitable business in 21 days!” for FREE!

Which one is better for you?

For me, Example 1 is basically an ad that says, “Come buy something on my website.”

In stark contrast, Example 2 is giving the audience something before ever even talking about having any products to buy.

Example 2 wins every time.

And that’s how you get people in the door. You give away whatever eBook, manual, report, or anything else that you’ve created FOR FREE, in order to get them in the door.

Third, once you given that person something valuable and gained a relationship. Now it’s time to give something else away, but this time you’ll do so along with something that they want to buy.

So this next step includes…

A) Your next giveaway, which can be a new report, or book, or gift of any kind as long as it still relates to the subject the audience is interested in.


B) The product that will be sold. This can be something that you create, or you can turn to another source who will gladly allow you to sell his or her product on a commission basis. Again, this product must be directly related to the subject your audience is interested in.

By giving away another valuable item along with the product being sold, you’ll receive countless more orders. And orders mean cash in your pocket.

Our Midas Circle course is designed to walk you through a similar process and show you how to make money from home…

So by first gaining trust by giving your customer something of valuable for free with no strings attached, that customer will then look to you as a credible source for information on the topic of interest, and will gladly hand you money for good products. And all you do to make that money multiply is continue giving away free products along with the ones being sold!

That’s how you can become rich by giving things away.

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