Make your hobby a small business

Jim_SamsonYou may not even realize it, but your beloved hobby may actually be a small business waiting to happen.

Imagine being able to do the thing you love while having it earn you anything from enough to subsidize that hobby of yours to a small business that grows into your new career!

This isn’t a pipe dream – it’s been done over and over again. Here’s how to turn your hobby into your own small business…

This is one of my favorite parts of life. If you can be a tiny bit creative or willing to see things from a slightly different point of view, you have every opportunity to turn your love for that hobby into an actual income.

It may not be millions, but earning enough to pay for your own participation in that hobby would be nice, right? And that’s just the beginning of the possibilities. Think about your hobby right now. In a few months or years, you could have turned a passion into a thriving business that pays all your bills and earns you the retirement you crave.

But the first thing people want when I first throw this idea at them is examples…

Well, one of my favorite all-time examples is a man known as Ali-A. Ali’s hobby was playing video games. Simple, right? Well with a bit of outside-the-box thinking, Ali decided he would start putting videos of himself playing different games and revealing new information about those games on YouTube. Ali now makes a fantastic income just from making those videos and flies around to different events around the world to play video games!

Another example is a man who loves rafting. One day he decided to become a guide, which paid for his rafting hobby with virtually no extra effort.

A woman who loved to crochet noticed that people were selling design patterns for several dollars a pop online. Since the patterns could be downloaded over and over, she profited over and over. That was in addition to selling her final products on sites like Etzy.

I know that Chief Editor of The Midas Legacy Sean Bower turned his hobby for writing into an income during college by freelance writing.

So what’s your hobby?

Enjoy baking? Perhaps you could start providing unique cupcakes to local birthday or office parties. Maybe you could start creating unique recipes or baking designs that you teach online.

Enjoy golf? Why not teach it to others or start up new tournaments at your local course?

You will obviously know the ins and outs of your hobby better than most, so do some thinking and decide what you could provide to others that they want or need.

Ask yourself these questions if you don’t have an idea already…

  • Is someone offering this locally?
  • Can I put a unique twist on this somehow?
  • Would people want to see videos of this?
  • Can I teach this?
  • Am I creating something I could sell?
  • What can I offer regarding this hobby that hardly anyone else can?

Don’t stop thinking about it if you’d like to turn your hobby into a small business. The possibility for a brand new income lies within virtually every hobby.

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