How 10 minutes a day can put thousands in your account

Becoming successful—however it’s defined for you—doesn’t always take big giant leaps.

In fact, I’ve never heard a success story that doesn’t involve daily habits. Ask anyone who’s living their dream life… they’ve got a routine that includes baby steps.

Personally, I have a 10-minute morning routine that I’d be nowhere without. It’s accountable for almost ALL my wealth, and I have no idea where I’d be without it…

Would you like to hear it and copy me?

Success starts with self-reflection, and self-reflection starts with some very important questions…

Have you ever felt like you run out of time in the day to do what you need, can, and want to do? I used to feel that way every single day of my life.

I had plans to get myself out of the vicious cycle of hard work, low pay, and debt. I had goals set out to become successful. And I even knew exactly what I was working for (something many people don’t know).

Yet I never made real progress…

Not until I discovered this 10-minute trick that enhanced virtually every part of my life: telling my time what to do.

Before realizing the key to success, I would waste a lot of each day catching up on emails, planning my next steps, trying to multitask, and doing several other unimportant tasks.

Now I set aside 10 minutes each day to tell my time what to do

  • First, I prioritize the most important 2 or 3 things on my list that day. These are the few tasks I would complete if it’s all I could do that day.
  • Then I set deadlines for those tasks. There’s a phenomenon of the human psyche that makes us work more efficiently the closer we get to deadlines. What you think would take you weeks without a deadline can take you hours when you implement a strict deadline on yourself!
  • Next, I include the above information into a “pre-schedule”, so I don’t waste time between tasks trying to figure out what to do next.
  • Finally, and probably most importantly, I set aside time for leisure. It’s easy to forget about yourself when you’re working hard towards something, but forgetting to enjoy each day can wear you down and push your goals further away. Make time for something you enjoy that keeps you refreshed and motivated.

Here’s how that short routine made me an extra $1,000 through 5 minutes of “work” last week…

In my 10-minute morning routine, I made it a priority to find the best stock to trade, set a deadline to do so, and scheduled it into my day.

After completing that task, I then made it a point to schedule in 1 minute each day to check on that stock.

Last Friday I followed that schedule, checked on the stock, and decided to close it out when it had gained more than 100%, earning me $1,000 from minutes of effort.

That’s something I never would have had time for before I realized this 10-minute secret that’s been enhancing my life!

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