How much money do you want? I’m serious…

Picture this. You call me on my cell phone…

You: “Hi Jim. I want more money, and I’d like you to make that happen for me.”

Me: “No problem. But without saying the right words I can’t help you.”

You: “Okay, PLEASE.”

Me: “That’s not what I mean….”

Let me explain…

If I was your personal wealth coach, the very first thing I’d ask you is this:

“HOW MUCH money do you want?”

If you’re in the 80% of Americans who don’t know the answer to this question- whether you have a SPECIFIC goal or not- do not pass go.

Imagine you’re Aladdin and I’m the genie. “Your wish is my command!” And you make your first wish: “I want more money!” Well, no genie is going to know what to do with that request.

Does he hand you a dollar bill?

After all, that’s more money, isn’t it?

I’m not being pedantic.

As the song goes, “If you don’t have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true?”

In conjunction with the amazing power of your unconscious mind, the Universe responds to specific requests.

All we have to do is plant the seed there, and then I can make it a reality for you, as I already have done for thousands of people around the world.

So, the first thing we do if I was personally coaching you is figure out how much money makes your dream come true.

Rewind if need be, and I’d even help you figure out what your dream come true looks like, because money is only a means to that end.

How about we make this fictional conversation a reality?

Would you like my private cell phone number and give me the honor of privately coaching you, one-on-one?

Would you like this to be at no charge?

Then let’s do it.

This IS a reality for anyone who gets a place at the virtual Annual Wealth Summit next weekend, and places are selling out fast.

Click here to reserve your spot!

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