How these 4 side businesses put cash in your pocket

I’ll never forget the feeling when I realized that I’d no longer be struggling with tons of debt and bills. It’s like I was living my life under water and then finally being able to breathe for the first time.

And it would have never been possible if I didn’t realize that I was more than capable of starting a side business.

So, imagine not having to live paycheck to paycheck, being able to take your family on vacations, and finally making your dream retirement a possibility.

You can finally start putting cash in your pockets instead of worrying about paying off debt with these 4 side businesses that YOU can start TODAY…

1. Pet Sitting/Walking Services

We are a nation of animal lovers and I’m sure that some of you out there would absolutely love to work with animals. Unfortunately, it comes back to this same fact about people falling in love with the idea but not having enough time to care for them properly, particularly in congested urban areas.

There’s a huge market for dog walkers to the wealthy. A girl I know does this for the stars in Hollywood and makes an absolute fortune at it- all for going for pleasant walks!

There’s additional money to be made by feeding various other pets, providing pet products directly and through mail order, and arranging grooming parlors and kennels for a commission.

Advertise in pet shops and vets and by targeting large houses with leaflets. The referral business could be huge, and you may well end up having to employ others while you sit back.

2. Managing Direct Mail

This is the folding, stuffing, and sealing of envelopes for direct mail pieces. You would start off on your own but eventually gather several sub-workers so you could concentrate on getting contracts.

Approach direct mailing houses and advertise in direct marketing trade publications. You would charge an amount per envelope based on the size of the job.

This can easily bring in over $15,000 a year with just one person doing it and will increase from there.

3. Call Answering

There are literally thousands of small businesses and one-man band tradesmen out there that lose a lot of business by not being able to take a call always.

You would in effect be the voice of many different companies; taking messages, arranging appointments- if customers can’t get ahold of the tradesman, they’ll just phone someone else.

You would charge a monthly fee starting around $70 depending on the volume of calls. Money well spent from their point of view, and not much more than a mobile phone contracts!

All calls can be diverted to your number, as you may already know.

4. Trash Can Cleaning

It doesn’t sound glamorous, but that’s why there’s a real gap in the market. Peoples’ trash cans absolutely stink!

With this idea, most people will be your customer. You can charge $5 per bin. Use an anti-bacterial additive with your jet blast.

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