How to drive more customers to your brand

Times are changing and if you want to avoid having your business get left in the dust, then it requires a bit of adaptation on your part.

The majority of customers nowadays simply aren’t responding to marketing like they used to. Ever since the invention of the internet and the smartphone devices that work hand-in-hand with it, people have become increasingly impatient.

Rather than reading a detailed description of a product, new-age customers are opting for 30-second videos that give them the gist of what they’ll get out of the purchase instead.

If you’re a current or potential business owner who’s looking to take things to the next level, then you’re in luck!

I’ve listed a couple simple tips on how to use video marketing to drive more customers to your brand and boost your revenue.

Marketing in general is centered around capturing the attention of consumers. The thing is, the way people take in information is evolving…

There are countless marketing tactics that can steer buyers your way, but in today’s world, the vast majority are going to be reeled in by video content.

Just to give you an idea of the scale of this type of advertising, YouTube and Facebook both pull in approximately 2 BILLION users a month just from the video content they provide!

Interesting enough, 64% of online viewers from these sites were inclined to make some sort of purchase after watching videos that advertised a specific product.

With that said, it’s not the concept of the video alone that’s going to drive your business to success. It’s more so the execution behind it.

So, how exactly do you employ video marketing the right way?

First off, the most successful marketing videos are the ones that make people laugh, while still highlighting what the product actually does.

In other words, try to relay the benefits of your product in a funny way.

Doing so not only adds an element of entertainment to your video, but it tends to cause selling points to stick with the viewers.

Taking an educational stance is another tactic to incorporate into your video marketing. If possible, teach potential buyers something new that relates to your product.

You’ll find that a common side effect of sharing this information is FREE advertising.

If the content you provide is interesting enough, the viewers will be inclined to share their newly acquired knowledge or show someone else the video instead.

It can also boost the credibility of your brand…

From a video marketing standpoint, educating customers while simultaneously providing some level of entertainment is proven to be one of the most effective ways to bring in new customers.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you’re making an effort to expand your customer base. As potential buyers watch the video content you’ve provided for your brand you can effectively watch your business grow.

Remember, this is just one of the many business blueprints that can help guide your business to success.

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